Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe 2-Key Lock Box

Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe 2-Key Lock Box

These are “A toddler can’t get my keys” secure and not much more. They can be brute forced in seconds - hold down the unlock slider then press all the keys. The ones that feel “different” from the others are the combination. Press those in and voila, you’re in in under 10 seconds.

We have these at work for spare keys on doors that keep people from pocketable materials and tools worth more than I make in a year and I roll my eyes every time I see them - fortunately they’re all on camera.

Edit: Part of my job is getting into places that people want to keep people out of as proof of concept on security plans so YMMV on how much security these provide you in any given location.


LockPickingLawyer, is that you?

Heh. Most of these things are cast zinc with plastic innards, so a good smack with a hammer or a few seconds with a plumber’s torch would open them up too.


When i watch LockPickingLawyer i always think “wouldn’t hitting it with a hammer be quicker?” or “why not just cut it?”. It seems almost everything is easy to open.

Noise. Speed is not the only goal. Gotta be S T E A L T H Y.

e: Also, I think he gets pleasure in BBQing them with insult.


Holy Crap, TIL LockPickingLawyer is a real thing. Sorry boss, I didn’t finish that report you asked for, I was sucked into the YouTube glory hole


Yeah, stealth is everything, but isn’t cutting pretty quiet?

How hammer resistant are your windows? Silly discussion really. This would be a good solution to have if not mounted right next to the front door in the open. I need a solution for a vacation home, hiding the box out of sight is better than going back home for the keys.


Glass makes a distinctive high-pitched sound that will carry a long way. These boxes would just go ‘thud’. They don’t sound like anything one needs to worry about unless the sound is repeated.

A broken window is also a lot more obvious, both to passers-by and to a security system that can detect that sort of thing.

I guess you don’t have a preschooler.

Seen here - l33t h@x0rz testing the security out!


“I guess you don’t have a preschooler.”