Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector (3-Pack)

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector (3-Pack)

Plug in?! Great. No more stupid holes in ceiling?!

This is one of Kidde’s three models that has a less than 10 year lifespan (they list that all of their models last 7-10 years), but supposed to have an end of life warning:

Other estimates like this one say 5-7 year lifespan in general:

but they may be thinking also about companies like First Alert that promise only five years:

We have one of these at our camp. The thing is LOUD. The battery back up is great for us too because power goes out a lot where we are. The downside is I often forget to pull the battery when we power down and leave. Once the low battery signal kicks in it annoys the neighbors to no end.