Kindle Paperwhite (2016) 6" E-Reader

Kindle Paperwhite (2016) 6" E-Reader

Pro tip - contact Amazon support and say your child is using the kindle and they will disable the ads that you typically have to pay to remove.’

To compare this deal, a few weeks ago Amazon had the latest Kindle PaperWhite on sale for 89.99 for prime flash deal with 3 months of Kindle Unlimited included.

Woot also sold this exact model refurbished for 49.99 in March of 2019.


Does it have a micro sd slot?

No. It’s fixed storage. :frowning:

1 left

get it while it’s hot.

I picked up one the last time they had them and it said it had ads, but mine didn’t :slight_smile:

Complain saying you wanted to see ads.


“sPeCiAl OfFeRs!111!1!”

I never see the big deal about the ads, they’re only on the lock screen, it’s not like they pop up after every 10 page turns or something. Though, to be fair, if there was a paid option to have the book cover as the lock screen, I’d sure think about it.

If you pay to remove ads (it’s a minimal one-time fee through your Amazon account), you get a variety of lock screen art…typewriters, books, nature.

Not quite what you’re pitching, but something different than an ad for Good Omens (the book) to get your ready for Good Omens (the Amazon series).

I’ve actually found some new books via the ads on my kindle.

It let me buy over the limit when it got relisted. I guess you can cancel my second order if I’m breaking the rules.