Kindle Touch 6" Wi-Fi + 3G E-Reader

I bought a Kindle Touch WI-FI +3G on Woot a few months ago. It works great for a refurb and the 3G is active for buying Kindle books if/when my Wifi is down.
I changed the screen orientation to landscape view to hold the kindle more comfortably in one hand by one of the short ends. I can also download Audible books via Wifi and the built-in speakers are good enough for Audibles voice narration. I haven’t tried loading music yet as you need to use the USB cable for that. A compatible micro USB cable and plug is included

I also recently found a small number of apps for this Kindle on Amazon- Search using keywords Kindle Active Content -for 99 cents to $2.00 including an Accuweather app for 99 cents that only works on Wifi but is great if you are near a hotspot and need to check the weather and don’t have a smartphone

I see no mention of a backlight for nighttime - is this accurate?

Just curious, this is not a dealbreaker. I just wanna know what I’m in for :wink:

I did some research, and this generation of Kindle was not made with a backlight. Sorry.

There is no back light this is the only negative. I bought a clip on book light and it works great. I read so much more now.

So far, I haven’t been able to get the one I recently purchased to register with Amazon. I’ve tried using both the built-in 3G and my two home wireless access points (Comcast and Verizon Jetpack), and I’ve also tried resetting the device and trying both 3G and wireless again. No dice.

I thought I’d read in other sales where some people commented that used/refurbed Kindles being sold on Woot were so old that they essentially couldn’t be registered on Amazon anymore. I knew it was a roll of the dice, but even the Kindle Keyboard I purchased through Woot back in October could be registered.

I suppose it’s possible that the Touch will download a software update that may fix the problem if I leave the wireless on long enough. Right now, it doesn’t appear to be the most current software – the interface doesn’t look like my wife’s Touch.

Just an FYI for anyone thinking of purchasing one. It’s not a huge deal for me because I can easily plug it into my computer and manually load books. It’s just a minor inconvenience.

I’m having the same problem! Turns out you have to update the software; below is the link I was directed to. Sadly, I have not been able to do so as I just popped it out of the box a couple moments ago and apparently need to wait until it’s fully charged, but I hope this does something for yours. =)

Good to know. I’ll try it this morning to see if it works. Thanks!

Manually downloading and updating worked like a charm. Thanks again!

I bought the touch and they sent me the regular non touch version.

I received mine and also had to update to the latest firmware manually. It’s in great condition. It’s 4GB not 2GB, but I assumed that since the specs on the listing say 4. It will make a good spare reader for when I venture out and don’t need a backlight. Received a USB cable but did not come with an adapter/charger.


why is it not possible to ship to Norway ? I would buy it right away

Sorry, we don’t ship outside of the continental United States. :frowning:

too bad :frowning:

still, great deals

what’s the battery life in a refurbished one?

Got mine in the mail and already sending various books to it from a previous Humble Bundle sale. You can actually email them to a kindle address specific for your device which will then sync over 3G. Have already read almost two full books, I love it!

Also, this DOES have special offers. Not a deal killer for me but be aware when buying. Was worth it out of pocket to get rid of them.

There’s no charger delivered with the reader. Which is a bit strange as I assumed it would be included.

Just received the refurbished 4th Gen, and seems to work good, considering this is 5 years old. Took a long time to charge and boot up, which freaked me out at first, but working fine now. Didnt realize there is no back light, which seems bizarre considering it is an ELECTRONIC device, but I get it - just a bummer to have to purchase an additional clip on light to read my ELECTRONIC device… I am ok now. Nice reading device.