Kindle Voyage 6" 4GB E-Readers

Kindle Voyage 6" 4GB E-Readers

The notice in the description left me a little confused. They are listed as “Refurbished,” but marked “Used - Very Good.” Is the listing wrong or are the boxes mis-labeled? Are we buying a used item or refurb? Why not update this listing if they are not mis-labeled? Thanks!

Amazon uses different terminology. That’s what we’re explaining. They are refurbished:

These units will have minor cosmetic blemishes and have been returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by an Amazon technician.

If these are refurbished, do they come with a new battery installed?

The batteries are tested and replaced if needed.

Thanks very much for the quick reply! :blush:

Is it possible to to get this without the “special offers” (ads)? Can the ads be turned off?