KING Komb De-Shedding Grooming Tool

KING Komb De-Shedding Grooming Tool

This really works well, I got it during the last woot off. My favorite dog brush ever!

Have you ever tried a Furminator? If so, how does it compare?
That is my gold standard for de-shedding combs…

What’s the deal with not being able to proceed to checkout? The screen just sits there.

I have not, sorry

Man I had this in my cart and Woot’s app shat the bed as I went to check out. Then it was sold out soon after…and now things are posting and notifications are late every time…what the heck woot! If you’re going to make woot offs app-centric, please make your app work better!

It’s on the regular site too.

So much for this being the ‘all new’ woot off.

I missed it last time because of indecision, made sure that wasn’t the case this time. My aussie needs it BAD

check your purchased items, I have had the app not register that I bought it but when I went to items purchased it was there