KingCamp Moon Saucer Camping Chair

KingCamp Moon Saucer Camping Chair

I think I’ll stick with the Walmart ones with two drink holders and don’t look like I am carrying a circus tent on my back to go fishing. These things look super uncomfortable. Can anyone speak to the fact that they are leaned back with zero back support guaranteeing all your pressure on your spine, neck, etc is at full at all times? Even the stock pictures shows a person uncomfortably sitting up with no support for the lower lombard at all. Even a cheap super market store offers more than that.

Update: I suggest people look at this picture from an Amazon review that said these things are too small for an adult and appear to be for children. Another review of a 5’5" woman said she couldn’t imagine anyone larger than her fitting in the seat comfortably. I guess that explains why the woman is sitting so strangely in the seat. Here is the pic:

Quick alternatives I found while looking at this item:

#1 best seller on Amazon $25 from Coleman and it has a cooler in the back.

#3 best seller with some super interesting functions & two cup holders, so you can hold your phone too for $40 -

Then there’s simply Amazon Basic’s chair for $23 -

All better chairs based on what I see here. Anyone with their take?