Kingston Wi-Drive 16GB Wireless Flash Storage for iOS Devices

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Kingston Wi-Drive 16GB Wireless Flash Storage for iOS Devices
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Hmm I wonder how useful this really is with only a 4-hour charge and now that iPhone users have a free cloud now (both 5GB from Apple and 50GB from Box App…)

Would seem better to have spent the extra $$ to get a bigger drive on your device, but the $20 rebate makes this a pretty good deal!

An answer in search of a question that nobody cares to ask.

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Seems bigger than it needs to be.

If it had a USB port for expansion and could work cross-platform as a wireless NAS, then we’d be on to something.

Why? Really… Why? If its WiFi only, and it doesn’t truly expand your iOS device space for Apps, why? With Dropbox being free, 2GB and having an iOS App, and having an App for 50GB space and FREE via Wifi, I don’t see the benefit. All my music is in the cloud and readily available (Google Music, free), my videos are in the cloud (Netflix, Pogo plug, VPN, etc), and now with my photos in the cloud… For free. Why?

The only benefit I see is immediate backup for photographers? A “local” WiFi device that will store photos much faster than the cloud can… Maybe?


Whoa…haven’t thought about that rap in years…freaky one eyed midget…lol.

New name: “Why-Drive”

Hmm seems like a good idea, but i don’t like the fact that it uses wifi and not bluetooth. Also why would you want people to have access to all you stuff if you just want to show them one thing? Its really not that hard for two people to watch the same thing on one iPhone.

What am I missing? Same price on Amazon with free shipping . . .

I can see one use for this. Maybe for the parent managing his kids videos for them. But I guarantee my son will not have anything like an iPhone or iPad until he is of an age where he can manage his own media. Cloud storage is good but maybe not for watching videos on the go as much.

i hate mail-in rebates.

Should have made apps for android and win mobile as well so their market was larger, oh wait android and win7 have sd card slots :smiley:

Does this work with my iPhone?

Hahaha sorry, had to.

Wow, that is really awesome. Best thing ever.
Now … how about something for those of us that DON’T drink the koolaid?

Ya know, if Jobs had REALLY been so brilliant, his inventions would have included expandable storage using conventional means like USB or SD Cards. Nope, sorry - you get wifi and THE CLOUD!


You’re missing that the $20 rebate only applies if you’re buying it from woot:

and 13 reviews, ave > 4 stars

Not to mention that he didn’t have many inventions. Most things, like windowed operating systems and what became the “mouse” were someone else’s inventions that he simply did an outstanding job of making mass-marketable.

No Apple products in our home, either, so I feel your irritation.