Kirkland Batteries: 64 AAA & 72 AA

Kirkland Batteries: 64 AAA & 72 AA


it says 2028 in the notice

The description says:

Best if used by 2028

I’ll ask here about others’ experience with Costco brand batteries. For years I had no problems, but then a couple years ago I noticed my AA and AAA Kirkland batteries were regularly leaking and damaging the connections in a variety of items. These were not isolated rare instances but frequent enough for me to blame the brand and not just the one-off battery. I did not return them but I I stopped buying Kirklands. Any others with similar experiences?

That may , as you said been an isolated instance. I have been using them for over a decade and have not experienced anything like them. These batteries exceedd are as equal as any name brand include the copper top duracel. BJ’s wholesale also uses private label for a lot of their products but pales in comparison, made cheaper and often fails the satisfaction rating of those who buy, whether its batteries or mayonaise. Kirkland Batts last long and I would not hesitate to buy them again. Now saving $10 and paying possible paying for shipping, I would wait till I get low and just by them from Costco myself

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Not my experience either. I use Kirkland AA and AAA batteries exclusively (except when I can’t use rechargeable AA) and have never had a problem.

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results. They may have switched their source.

I’ve used Kirkland batteries for ten plus years and had no problems up until my last batch about a year ago. Bought the exact set offered today with the same expiration date and they seem a lot lighter (which indicates less packing and higher likelihood of leaking) and not nearly as powerful out of pack or last nearly as long. I don’t know if it was this particular batch that was bad or if they have lowered their standards. I bought some Amazon brand ones a few months ago to replace the Kirklands even though I still have over half of them left and they seem to be close to the old Kirklands in terms of quality. If Costco is liquidating these maybe they figured out the error and getting rid of them.

I’ve had a lot of leaky Kirklands as well.

Kirkland batteries are indeed duracell. Google “The little-known secret behind Costco’s Kirkland Batteries”.

With that being said I have had a rash of duracell batteries leak in recent years and try to avoid them…

I got tired of all my Duracell batts leaking & having to toss flashlights & other stuff.
Much better luck with Kirkland & Energizer batts.

I’m scratching my head on this one. I guess if you are not a COSTCO member this might be OK, but the regular price at COSTCO is less than this “deal”. As for the leaking battery comments, I have had batteries from all brands leak in devices that are not being used regularly.

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Yea I’ve issues with them leaking also. I no longer use them at all…

I have had a simialr experence. I used to use them exclusively, but a year or two ago I started having leaking problems and I have not bought them since.

This is true . Duracell batteries . On the same machine …they just shrink a different sleeve on it.

They do leak. Currently Costco sells these by packs of 48, $15.99 for the AAs and $16.99 for the AAAs. So if my math is right this saves you a little over $6, hardly the deal of the century.

I’ve had more devices ruined by those leaky batteries than I care to think about. :exploding_head: I still buy my batteries at Costco, but I get Duracells now.

I’ve had so many leak…threw the rest away and went back to Duracell.

Only leaking issues I’ve had are with devices that aren’t used as often as they should be used. But, all batteries will do this if devices are neglected with batteries left in them.

As mentioned and confirmed, these are just Duracells. They haven’t changed this. These batteries get great ratings and they have no problems selling them. There’s no reason for them to change anything regarding these. And, imo, Duracell batteries are much better than their Energizer competitors. Especially their rechargeable batteries. Energizer rechargeables and their products to recharge them are awful in comparison to Duracell’s products.

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