Kitchen Carts And BEYOND

Just chiming in to say we bought the Sundance Kitchen Cart in red a little over a year ago, and it is GREAT. Tons of storage. Highly recommended.

I too bought the Sundance Kitchen Cart back in July 2012. It was the same price as this sale and worth every penny.

Here is what mine looked like put together:

This cart has taken some abuse! I use my stand mixer on it, prep food, store baking supplies, etc. It looks just as great now as it did a year and a half ago when I first bought it. If I needed another cart - I would buy this again in a heartbeat.

“Combining function with sultriness…”

Cool… I think I’ll buy seven of these aprons, so my wife can have one for each day of the week.

Does the 54" measurement on the Sundance kitchen cart include the towell rack & spice rack? If so what is the exterior dimension of just the real cabinet - or really the top I guess, since it probably overhangs an inch or so on each end.
Thank you!

The 54" measurement does include the towel bar and spice rack. I’m not sure what the length of just the wood top is - but I’ll try to measure and update this later.

Thank you so much!!!

Got the Dyani apron and potholders for DIL for Christmas. They look gorgeous. What an awesome print. Threw in a salt block from over at Wine Woot! to complete the gift. Wanted to get more potholders for myself and for other gifts but now they are sold out :frowning:

For those of you with the Sundance Kitchen Cart, can I not install the spice rack or the towel bar?

I assume there’ll just be screw holes on the side but I think I can live with it.

Sorry this took so long!!

The length of the cart w/o the spice rack or towel rack is 43"

There will be largish screw holes if you don’t install the accessories - but they make wooden plugs for that. I will say that if you ever plan on moving the cart, the racks are useful handles.

Does anyone still have their instruction? Mine didn’t come with any. :frowning:

My cart arrived with a broken acrylic panel. I sent an email to support and waited a week without getting any response. Went to Lowes instead and had them cut a replacement panel for me for $20, filed it down and installed it myself. I’ve been a wooter since 2004, but this is probably it for me with this website, if they can’t even manage to respond to defective merchandise complaints within a week (let alone the 24 hours they say they attempt to make).

Sorry to hear about the problem. I pinged CS from this end to see if that helps. A couple tips:

Be sure to check your spam/junk folders

If you’re emailing from an email different than the one on your woot account, be sure to include your woot username and order number. These are good to include either way actually.