Kitchen Carts & Storage

somebody misspelled lavender.

I have extra large 60049BLK-only with a granite top. I love this cart, It has been used daily since about 2009. The drawers are shallow (I keep potholders in them.) But the cupboards are another story-I keep all my daily dry goods there, It’s more then enough room for all the cereal boxes, crackers pop-tarts, breakfast bars, etc… Room left over on the side for canned goods. It is opened and closed numerous times every day. And moved weekly for cleaning. It still looks and operates like I bought it yesterday.

I just recently put together one of these kitchen carts that I bought from woot.

Good - All the parts and hardware were there. The instructions are basic, but complete.

Bad - Putting this together was alot harder than it should have been. Parts were mislabeled, causing me to have to disassemble parts that I had already put together using wood glue. Also some of the holes don’t line up/spacing is off. Very difficult to get the wheels on due to the holes not lining up on the wheels to base, also had trouble getting the handles on the drawers because the holes were too close together. I ended up getting out a drill to make them fit.

That towel rack on the side, coupled with the knife storage, seems like a deliberate trap designed to slice off fingers. Does it not?

I bought the red Sundance kitchen cart late 2013. It took two people to put it together, and was challenging at times. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time on it. We left the spice rack/condiment shelf off so it would fit in our space. I like the configuration with the double doors giving me more open space to store larger items, and the drawers on the end. It looks really nice, gave me some storage space I needed for pots & pans, and I love the extendable top workspace - great for rolling out cinnamon rolls. =) The only complaint I have is that it is a little wobbly, like it needs additional bracing, or something. I would recommend it!

I have a question regarding the Nantucket Check Dishtowel Set-Tango Red. How many are in the set? The other towels say how many towels but these don’t. Can someone over at homeWoot! get more information?

It says under the features tab: Set of 3 dishtowels and 3 dishcloths

Thank you. Unfortunately, that’s not the set I am talking about. This is the one.

That should be just (3) Dishtowels.

Thank you.

Put my Chris & Chris JET1221 Stadium Kitchen Work Station together today. It was definitely NOT EASY! It took me 2 hours to assemble. But all the parts were here plus a few extra screws. Everything lined up. The instructions were fairly easy to follow. The parts were high quality and the butcher block top was solid and heavy duty.

The shipping box is very heavy, so use a hand cart or dolly to move around or ask the shipper to drop it off where you plan to assemble it. The wheels are heavy duty and make it fairly easy to move around once assembled.

In summary this is is great work station, but it took a long time and a little patience to assemble.