Knipex Pliers & Cutters

I have some Knipex tools, they are great tools!
You won’t need to worry about low quality tools from them.

According to Knipex web site the only models with cable puller and crimper are “09 11 240” and “09 12 240”. Is the description or part number incorrect on the “Knipex 09 02 240 High Leverage Lineman New England Head Comfort Grip”?

for all the electricians…when you bring these pliers to a job all other electricians will laugh at you because they are not Klein…then they use these pliers…and a week to a month later they purchase their own pair

Yes. I’ve used Klein and Knipex at work, and actually they are both very good tools. I sure wouldn’t dump a Klein tool for one of these, but if given a choice, I’d get the Knipex.

I own a pair of these bolt cutters and I can tell you the build quality and edge retention is excellent. I haven’t used Klein tools, but I’ve heard these are as good, some say better than Klein. You definitely get a lot of tool for the money, but unless you’re using them in a professional capacity (i.e. electrician, armorer, mechanic, etc), most people could get by with a cheaper pair from home depot. If i needed a pair that I could rely on day in and day out, I’d go with Knipex in a heartbeat.

OVER PRICED for a home owner…Harbor Freight works very well for me

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Oh, just missed the bolt cutters! I use these daily at work, and they’re the best. Outlasted many pairs of lesser cutters. For some tools the cheap knockoffs are just fine for occasional use, but those cutters are worth every penny!

youre correct … i was over the top on that one…im sorry

It’s all good. Thanks for keepin’ it real… I mean PG-13. :slight_smile:

Yes. they are more expensive than the Chinese junk at Harbor Freight. And, if you plan to use them only a few times, or have them sit in a junk drawer, you should not purchase Knipex tools.
They are intended for people that use them often, plan to take care of them, and don’t want to keep replacing tools.

Agreed, I don’t understand why people have to compare every tool that comes through here to harbor freight. It’s refreshing to see such high quality tools, instead of another rain barrel or 30 cent wrench. I like tools that last and don’t rust if you breathe on them. Harbor freight is great when you need an oddball tool or don’t need something that will work day in/day out.

My problem is when woot is selling someone elses rebrand of the same harbor freight tools for more money (eg. Tekton). These are a whole different game, trying to decide if I can splurge on them or not

woot please have knipex as a regular in tools as well as gear wrench and other top quality tools. Knipex adjustable (channel lock style) pliers are some of the best available and I would buy a pair or two on here in a heart beat.

Echo that sentiment.

Also, could not find “26 11 200 SBAS1” anywhere else besides woot! I believe it should be “26 11 200 S1” as pictured. The SBA designation is for insulated grips that’s rated to 1000 volts. The picture does not show such insulated grip.

+1 on the adjustable I use Klein and Kniplex tools and they are both excellent. Buy Harbor Freight and you get what you deserve unusable rusty junk.