Know When to Fold


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after February 10th


While I am sad that t “triple-threat” gentry didn’t get his printed this week, definite congrats are in order for the Newbie.

Nice win, Beefy. You were tearing the charts up.


Fruity ideas represent shirts tonight!


awesome WIN!!! congrats


Darn it. Was hoping for prospector. Oh well. Congrats on 3rd.


I’m in for one. Glad this won over the gold shirt.


wow! First time entrant right? Congrats! It really is a great design


a shirt about cards? sry but just not for me, mabe if I lived in vegas and wanted 2 look like a tourist? Congrats 2 the designer though


i really thought tgentry had this derby in the bag


I’ve watched woot for years now. Always. Every day. I’ve watched it grow. Watched it evolve. I’ve watched woot have a family. One drunkard, one artist, one corporate conformist. Watching woot rss feeds. Wondering. Is today the day? Is this my first woot? No. This one is not right, either. Will wait longer.

Today. Now. This is it. My first woot. Glorious woot. Sacred woot! It’s done…

Now I will sleep
Dreaming of my first woot


This will be the second woot shirt I’ll be wearing in Vegas this March! Awesome design!


Congrats Beefcoat! I love your design.


Congrats the the artist, but yea I wanted Tgentry’s entry to win too.


I’m in for one.


OMG! They mentioned me! Too bad I took my chin chin off to make room for my vote buttons. :wink:
He comes back when the derby is over, of course.

<3 you too, woot.


First time entrant right? Congrats on the win beefcoat! :slight_smile:


FIRST TO WOOT :smiley:

Great shirt.


Aw, I laffed when I saw your name referenced and for a split second, felt like I was part of an ‘in-group’ that understood obscure references.


Saw that too. You’re famous ELS. :smiley: Nice reference!