KODAK HERO 6.1 Wireless AIO Printer



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KODAK HERO 6.1 Wireless AIO Printer
$79.99 + $5 Standard OR $17 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Probably not the best investment since Kodak fairly recently announced that they are going to discontinue their printer division. They state that you will still get continued support, but there is probably a reason they were not profitable selling printers…


I had two of these printers, took one of them back and still have one in the box unopened.

First one worked fine when it worked, then it lost connection and I could never get it to connect again wired or wireless. The second one is going on craigslist.


Can someone confirm that you can really buy refill cartridges for only 10 bucks?

That almost seems too good to be true.


i haven’t used this exact model but i have used a couple of different models of kodak printers and they have all been amazing. also the Ink is pretty cheap. 13 bucks for the black cartridge and 20 for the color. Don’t be fooled by the fact that kodak stopped making printers; they made quality items but couldn’t ram their way into a good market share in time to not go broke.

also links to office max for the inks in response to cowboy dan



The ink runs out very very quickly, and the ink cartridges do not have a memory reset button so you can’t do that trick either. Be warned.


CNET review from earlier this year


Every time I have to buy a new ink cartridge for my printer, I swear it’s the last one and I’m switching to laser.

Still on ink though. Still on ink.


I have two wireless Kodak AIO printers, one is a Hero. They make great paperweights.

The first printer worked great, I was completely enamored with it and told everyone looking for a wireless printer not to be fooled by bad reviews or naysayers. Then it started with error after error (such as saying there was a paper jam when there wasn’t even paper in it) and I am very glad I bought a two-year warranty from Staples when I got the unit. The second Kodak printer we bought is just as nice, when you can get the damn thing connected. I can’t install it on most computers and I got it to work once from one of the desktops but the next time I turned it on, I couldn’t get it to connect and still haven’t figured out how to make it work.


Thanks for the heads up!


71 reviews equate to 3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

As much as I’d love for Woot to sell these and make money, I simply can’t recommend such a crappy product. It’s a shame Woot ended up with these printers. If only Woot could put these where they belong (in a B 'o C) and still make a profit while doing so.

To anyone who is considering buying this: Do yourself a favor and at least buy the SquareTrade warranty so you don’t end up screwed. Or better yet, just don’t buy this piece of piece of junk. You’ll be better off with a HP Photosmart AIO or an Epson Stylus AIO. They have individual inks which cost only about $10 a piece and they are much more efficient.


Reviews make this a no-go for me. Printer guzzles ink, and even if its just the color cartridge that is used up, it forces you to replace the other cartridge as well. Network connectivity problems galore and to top it off tons of feedback on longevity.

I m staying far away from this woot :frowning:


I have this printer’s predecessor. It’s printheads are very flaky, and the ink cartridges are short-lived. Moreover, the cartridges have black and color bundled together, so you have to replace both when one runs out of ink. When the printhead dies, which it will after 6mo, replacements are $49. I had to replace both cartridges within 20 pages, then again after 50 more.

Beyond that the printer is slow to start (90 sec), the software is barely functional, and the UI freezes periodically.

Stay away from these junky printers. I recommend the Epson All-in-One series instead, which you’ll see is much more fondly received on Amazon.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the humiliating reviews on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Kodak-HERO-6-1-Wireless-Printer/product-reviews/B005K8AV2Y/ref=dp_db_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1


Unfortunately these things (and pretty much all other Kodak machines) are junk.

Major connection issues, as already explored. I hate having to reconnect to the network every time the printer goes to sleep. And that function doesn’t have the ability to turn off.

They advertise as “lowest cost ink”, because the cartridges aren’t that expensive. Well, if your color cart is done for, good luck. You’ll have to replace it before you do any printing. Both your colors out and the same time? It won’t notify you of that, only one. And not to mention that if you crack that cart open, there is ink for days inside.

Kodak printers are junk. Horrid product development like this is the reason they are going under.


I’ve been using Epson inkjets for years, with refillable carts online with auto-reset chips ($15/set of four), and bulk ink ($15 for 4x100ml, enough for ten or more refills). I have had no clogging or skipping problems and photo prints look great. It’s just not practical to pay $100/oz. of ink when you have this option.


Bought a similar model from HSN. Very flaky. Jammed all the time, especially when trying to use the ADF. Gave up and returned it.
There is a reason it is cheap. Heed all the bad comments.


The Kodak software is terrible. My printer would lose network connectivity every time it went to sleep (maximum 2 hrs) until a firmware patch was released (a year later).

The short story is: I’ve been displeased with every printer I’ve owned and Kodak is no exception.


I bought a Kodak printer here on Woot and it worked well for 7 months, then it would it would print blank. I changed the ink several times thinking I had bad ink. Then googled the reviews and realized others had had similar problems. Contacted Kodak via instant chat and all the help I received did not help. Wrote email and no one ever answered. There is no phone to call. I know that office depot discontinued selling all Kodak printers. I have had mine boxed up before I used it for one year because it is not working. I would say to stay away.


I have had horrible issues with all the Kodak printers I have been unfortunate enough to encounter.

Most of the issues have already been listed: Ink detection or lack thereof, poor printer head quality (ie. smearing), terrible connection and generally shoddy construction.

Find another brand for better quality. Also, Kodak isn’t the only one with cheap ink, which was really their only selling point. Any brand that uses tanks vs. cartridges will be cheaper due to a simpler product.