Kole Kitchen Strainer Set

Kole Kitchen Strainer Set

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I knew this deal was too good. After ordering during the first hour of the sale, then waiting over a week to see a tracking number, I got the usual message of “oops - we sold more of these than we thought we had”. What I can’t understand is why this happens soooo often? Is WOOT! / Amazon really that bad at tracking inventory? And with all the billions Amazon is taking in, if they ran out of the “clearance” designated quantity, and the item is still being made / sold at “full” price, they could afford to bite the bullet, take some from regular inventory, and ship them to customers in order to make us happier and more likely to buy. Well, at least the $80 deal on the GreenWorks hedge trimmers only took them 3 days to let me know it was oversold so I won’t get one. At least until next sale (next year?..) maybe wont get oversold next time.
The least they could do when it’s their mistake would be to give us a 10% of original sale as a coupon for next order?

Update - not sure where WOOT! got there inventory from, but if you can find $250 of stuff you want this place has 1444 of the strainers for $1.35 each in lots of 24 for an actual order price of $32.40, so that’s what, a 500% markup to the WOOT! discount price and ungodly more to the “street” price…

We blame Amazon. That was their inventory and we can only go by what they say they have.