KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls

KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls

Uh these are $1.99 for 3 on chewy.com.

Your link didn’t take me to the balls


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So, while it’s $2.99 now, even if we were to pretend that they were still $1.99, you’d still have to factor in shipping costs there…

Okay. Shipping shows up as $4.95 flat rate. So I guess that this would have been a good deal on Woot for Prime members.

I think. I don’t have my Animaniacs calculator with me.

The Woot! deal is for the extra small size which is $1.99. I’m not sure why it defaults to the small size although I choose extra small.

I stand corrected.

My point still stands though.

I buy dog food there. I hit $49 quickly for free shipping. Anyway, the point is that it’s good to check prices.

Of course, though for some people, results are different. :slight_smile:

(Actually, this kind of reminds me of when I built a LEGO Bugdroid by buying individual pieces online. Sometimes it was better to pay more for a piece because then I could combine purchases and save on shipping. After all, I’d rather pay another 5 cents for one piece so as to save 4 dollars for postage.)