Krave Jerky - 5 pack

I bought this during the product launch. I wasn’t impressed.


I am required by law to say “artisANAL.”

This is great jerky! I love it.

The downside is that if you buy it from woot!, it comes packaged in styrofoam peanuts.

I suggest purchasing it directly from

This is great stuff! A lot more flavor than most mass-market jerkys.

don’t do it!

Why does this crap come up every woot off?!

Ah, the jerky - no wootoff is complete without it. Somebody please buy this stuff.

Love this stuff!! YAY! Thanks woot for nringing it back on the website!!!

Sometimes when I go wine tasting I bring beef jerky with me. It’s true, I hope RPM doesn’t hold it against me!

Mmmmm, sodium nitrite, silicon dioxide, yellow #5 red #40, and good old “modified corn starch”

liquid smoke flavoring? Holy carp!

Seriously?!? No matter how many different flavors it comes in, it’s still…jerky!

Never bought, never will given the feedback. Thank all of you for the quality feedback. Some one previously also posted that its the same price if you buy it direct.

Come on Woot. You can do better.

Lol what? It’s $7 each normally, before shipping. It’s also really damn good jerky.

Jerky is pretty salty. No lies.

its actually $35 if you b uy it direct… $25 if you join their Jerky of the month Klub. And I have tried it… it is very good. The Turkey is super moist, and its very tasty!!!

i’ll buy one- i have a few ppl that i know that like jerky. hopefully they really like it and next time i can buy more just to get this to move along more quickly

I bought some during the last Woot-off. A lot of people were bashing it, but I enjoyed most of the varieties. The teriyaki pork jerky reminded me of the steamed pork bun from dim sum places. And the curry flavored stuff had a nice heat!

I’d buy more if I didn’t still have a whole bunch left (took more than 3 weeks for Woot to finally ship it - my only complaint).

I bought the sampler Last time and I have to say this is very soft beef jerky, if you like your BJ rough these are not for you. I noticed two of the flavors are the same so I’ll comment on those.

Beef Chili Lime Flavor - I really enjoyed this flavor. My girlfriend didn’t understand that the chili meant it was gonna have a little heat. But it was really good and the lime gave me that tiny sweetness.

Pork Smoky Grilled Teriyaki Flavor - VERY SWEET. While I enjoy the more hot flavors my girlfriend really liked this one. Keep in mind the flavoring seems almost like molasses so it’s very sticky.