Krave Jerky

No nitrates, but very sweet for jerky, double to triple the amount of sugar in other jerkys. Almost a soft candied meat. Notice that sugar (evaporated cane juice) is the 2nd ingredient on each variety. And when a company tries to disguise its ingredients like that, it tells me a lot. BTW, I haven’t had the “sweet” flavors, only the Garlic Chili (8g sugar/serving) and the Chili Lime. I can’t imagine how much sweeter the “sweet” varieties are. Caveat Emptor, it’s dessert, not jerky.

Hershey brought out Krave. May be they will come up with chocolate-covered jerky.

Yes, they’re sweet but what’s 5g of sugar between friends? :tongue:

In for my usual sampler pack.

It’s only a meh deal.

Krave is $5.99 for a 3oz package at my local supermarket. These are for packs of ten 1.5oz packages. That’s the equivalent of five 3oz packages. Five 3oz packages at the supermarket would be ~$30. The woot deal is a deal if you have a code for free shipping, but otherwise, is not so great once you tack on the $5 shipping.

There is no shipping charge at wine.woot. Shipping is already included in the price.

Did not like the flavor of any of them. Took it to work none of them liked it and they eat everything.

I believe you and thank you for your comment. I am not buying anything off of woot unless other wooters say it is worth buying.

You can get a better deal on Amazon.

The Woot deal has a total of 15oz for $27.99 which comes out to about $1.86/oz.

Amazon has a multipack with 26oz for $47.20 which comes out to about $1.82/oz and that includes Prime shipping

Ours is $26.99 which comes to $1.80/oz.

Chiming in on this - I had their ‘sweet grilled teriyaki pork’ (it sounded like the best of the options available) a few days back, and I found it not appetizing. The chunks of pork had an odd consistency, it was oily, and gave a less than pleasant aftertaste. I chucked the bag out versus powering through it. FYI - I just snagged the bag from a local gas station.

You may think about rolling the sampler instead of throwing in on one flavor.

It’s worth buying. Now what? :tongue:

Still sounds gross. There is already enough sugar in everything else.

You can buy a 3.25oz bag for 6 bucks from Safeway or Vons (same store). That’s only 70 CENTS more than the deal here (15oz per 26.99 spent), and you don’t have to pay for shipping. Effectively only a savings of 4ish cents per ounce – 1.80 v. 1.84. Factor shipping in and that meager discount is obliterated.

hahaha not even remotely a deal.

hahaha…shipping is already included…

Barely qualifies as jerkey, I agree with the candied meat comment. It embodies every element I do not look for in jerky…I don’t care for sweet jerks or jerkys.

Krave Black Cherry Barbecue Gourmet Pork Jerky is the one I tried from a local store. Never buying it again, not even if it is the only “Jerky” available and I have a wicked craving. It has EXTREMELY sweet seasoning mix caked on the meat in clumps. The meat itself isn’t wonderful, but it does have a slightly pork-y flavor hidden under the extremely passable seasoning mix. The “Black Cherry” flavor is virtually lost within this generic, artificial “Barbecue” taste. Please do not think you’re getting something that tastes like the very best pork that has been lovingly rubbed and marinated and smoked using real wood with slow temperatures and has been packaged for sale. It just tastes like potato chip seasonings have been caked onto processed pork pieces. It isn’t disgusting, it didn’t make me sick, but it just isn’t worth wasting calories eating this. One bite and you’ll agree unless you are a fanatic of artificial tasting bqq meat products, then please buy all this because you’ll be in hog heaven.

Get some of this stuff and get some of the “Sesame Street Smoothie” on kid’s woot to wash it down!

I have only tried one flavor, the basil citrus turkey, but I LOVE it. Yes it is sweet, but I personally didn’t find it overly sweet. I wouldn’t call it “candied”. A nice balance of mild sweetness and savory. Great for packing in work lunches. Since I know I like this flavor, the 10 pack is worth it.

The pork jerky is FANTASTIC. I buy it once a week a target.

I am not a fan of sweet stuff in general. I’ve never considered this jerky overly sweet.