Kuhn Rikon Kitchen Gadgets

In case anyone is interested, the can openers by Kuhn Rikon are the best. I’ve had one for seven years and recently bought a couple just to have as back up in case they were to quit making them.

Steel wire wisks are great. The silicone ones are worthless. The stiffness of the wires provides a whipping action that soft silicone does not have. Silicone adds nothing to a wisk except uselessness.

Those cute colorful knives are Sha-arp! They don’t come with covers for no reason.

The can openers are also excellent.

I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve used from this company. Loading up now (Xmas is coming).

I have the purple paring and the red serrated knives, as part of my bartending kit. I picked them mostly for the covers, so they could be moved in a bag easily, but they are seriously impressive little buggers.

it seems that the black bread knife is $8.99 at Sur la Table, with $5.50 shipping.

I love Kuhn Rikon knives. I already have bunches, but I just picked up another paring and a mini-chef. Just can’t resist them.