Kunde Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

Kunde Reserve Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2-Pack
$49.99 $̶9̶7̶.̶0̶0̶ 48% off List Price
2007 Kunde Family Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Valley
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Ok Tour #1 attendees, you were there on Wednesday last summer. How is this? The entry level offerings we’ve had here have been great QPR given a bit of age, rather like the Ped’s.

Mill, question answered…

I don’t remember if we had this one on the rpm tour. I seem to remember having 2-3 Cab Sauvs available for tasting at Kunde. I purchased the 2009 vintage of this same wine (for $36/bottle + tax).

Back-to-back 2 bottle deals and this one ships to OH? I am IN.

That’s IN as in IN on this deal, not IN for Indiana, because it doesn’t ship to Indiana… and I don’t live there, so…

EDIT: Can’t talk about a visit to Kunde without mentioning their outdoor Mountain-Top Tasting Room. What an incredible view and big thanks to rpm, woopdedoo, WD, Neil and anyone else who may have had a hand in getting us a trip up the mountain as part of the tour. One of the “best of the best” of many wonderful highlights from the rpm tour.

I like kunde, I really enjoyed a tasting my wife and I did there 3 years ago. (pre dr. toots)i Did not try their reserve tasting so I cannot speak to this wine but I have noticed kunde wines more and more at places like trader joes. The write up is an excellent sales job though. Makes the wine sound excellent.

I’ve been quite pleased with my various Kunde purchases. I haven’t tried this offering but I’d assume the QPR would be consistent with the high level of Kunde wines I’ve experienced in the past.

No notes. Ask cmaldoon. He seemed to have the best notes. We purchased the 09 CS. Can’t recall if we got to try an 07. Good vintage, so I think I would have made a mental note if we had.

2007 vintage CA Cabernet Sauvignon…

Fred, how many did you buy?

Check out the Cellar Tracker Reviews on this wine. It should give you an idea what you’re in store for.

I think this 2007 vintage missed!!! If anyone can tell me otherwise, please let me know. My comment on this wine are being blocked. Wow

I don’t recall if we tasted this on the 2010 or 2012 Tours, but Kunde is a solid winery with a long history and generally very good wines. 2007 was a very good vintage for Cabernet and this is a pretty reasonable price. I am glad to see Kunde here - we don’t see them often enough - and was happy to lay down half a case of this for consumption in the late teens.

The kunde wines I have had in the past have been a wonderful tasting experience. I am buying a couple today for Christmas eve dinner. Thanks for offering them.

This is a fantastic wine and 2007 was a great year for Sonoma and Napa. Valley Cabernets. I have had this wine at the winery and have also been able to buy a few bottles locally for around $36 each. You won’t be disappointed in this wine.

For those of us with limited wine storage, do you think this will drink well within the year?

Probably, but it should be entering its relatively mute phase within the next year or so. Remember, ageworthy California Cabernet usually enjoys an initial period of fruit-dominated good (if a little tannic) drinking (unlike traditionally made Bordeaux) until the age of around 5-6, then settles into a period where it seems ‘dumb’ or ‘mute’ as the fruit flavors and aromas begin to recede and the bottle aromas and complexity develop. That phase lasts until around 10 or so, depending on the vintage and the wine. Based on my 50+ years of drinking California Cabernet, I know that my preference is for Cabernet that has been through and emerged from the mute phase. That’s why my rule of thumb is not to drink Cabernet before it’s at least 10.

Of course, not everyone has this preference and I have been known to enjoy younger, fruit-dominated (but not fruit forward) Cabernet from time to time as well. YMMV as they say.

Interesting observation RPM, or lack of in my case. In for one

Your comment implies that this offer and yesterday’s offer are similar. And in a couple superficial ways (2 bottle offer, 2007 California vintage wines), they are.

But I think the big draws for yesterday’s offer – low cost of entry, perceived great QPR-- are absent today.

Not saying this wine isn’t potentially great, or that it isn’t worth the asking price. But yesterday’s offer came in under $45 shipped, whereas today’s is over $60 shipped. Yesterday’s appeared to be well below retail, assuming it could even be had at retail. (It also had that exclusive appeal as a wine not widely available elsewhere.) Today’s wine is available from other sources for only a few dollars more than the total shipped price here.

What I’m getting at is this: yesterday’s offer is the kind of ‘bargain’ offer many of us have been waiting to see for a long time. I felt compelled to buy yesterday just to support the idea of those kinds of low-cost offers. (Low cost in an absolute–not relative–sense.) Today’s offer appears to be a fair, though not outstanding, bargain – but at over $30 per bottle, not inexpensive.

I’m sure enthusiasm for it will be good, especially from those who have visited Kunde before. But it doesn’t hold the same kind of appeal that resulted in an early sellout yesterday, at least not for me. I would consider this offer on its own merits if I wasn’t on a SIWBM, but it’s not a compelling enough bargain to get me to break one, like yesterday’s offer did.

Tend to agree, a nice wine, but at $31 a bottle to calie (7 shipping + 5 tax = 62 bucks) I have to chew on this one abit.

I’m a big fan of Kunde. Recently visited their winery but unfortunately neither tasted the reserve wines or made it to the mountain top to see the sights.

Nonetheless I came away impressed with the new vintage releases as well as the knowledgeable and friendly tasting room staff.

I have been drinking and enjoying their 2007 Cabernet and Zinfandel quite a bit (non reserve releases) and have purchased several cases. I’ve already purchased this exact offering from Wineshopper.com at a similar price but have yet to try it as I too like my built to last Cabernet with some bottle age.

This seems like a pretty good price what is likely a great reserve Cabernet from an excellent vintage. I am wishing now that I had tried one of these to see if I needed more!

This might not be the place but a BIG THANKS to WW Customer service, had a problem with one of the two Salt Block’s purchsed in Feb, received my replacement last week. great job. :slight_smile: