Kwikset SmartCode Touchscreen Deadbolt

Kwikset SmartCode Touchscreen Deadbolt

@ThunderThighs Will this work with Amazon Cloud Cam Key Edition?

It’s hard to tell since it doesn’t specify the model, but I believe this is the 919, which only works with Apple HomeKit, and, in my experience, barely at that. (It’s fine as a keyless entry–although the battery life can be erratic, and the app is pretty horrible and rarely gets even this basic fact right, so you can imagine how well it works otherwise–I’ll sometimes get lock/unlock notifications actual hours after it was used, and trying to lock/unlock remotely almost never works to the point where I don’t trust it at all.)

That all said, for plain keyless entry, this is a good price.

That is a good question. What model is this?

I HIGHLY doubt this is a WiFi enabled lock at only $50. This is probably model 915 with no wireless features

Isn’t this the one that is prone to cracking especially if in direct sunlight or in hot environments??

Maybe, I am too old school, but it mystifies me that anyone would entrust securing their home to a wireless device. If there is an app it can be hacked. Pure and simple. Note, I said wireless and NOT touchless and I did not say anything about home monitoring devices. Just to be clear.

This deadbolt isn’t wireless.

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and it’s still easier to just break a window. locks only keep out those with low motivation.

Hi all. Sorry I’m late with the answers.

The model number is 99150

This is not a Cloudkey version. We will note it in the title and features if it is.

Thanks for confirming easy pass

I dunno, I grabbed one for my grandma’s house. She doesn’t need anything networked (and it’s probably better that it isn’t) - I made her entire house “smart” with tons of convenience and she hardly remembers to use it. Outside of any design flaws I’m unaware of, this is perfect for what it is – a simple way to unlock (and lock, I’m assuming) the deadbolt from outside without needing the key. If her hands are full it’s a lot easier to type a few numbers. Also nice for when the car is running and you realized you forgot something inside, so you don’t need to turn the car off and unlock the door.

If I wanted something like this for myself I would most likely get one with network features that I could access and monitor remotely, but for just basic (local) convenience this seems like a great starting point for the price… again, assuming everything works as intended and it’s a quality refurb.

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Thanks for that well done response. You really put some time. No scratch that alot of time in the response. However, I was looking for something it isn’t.