Last Post the inane-you can't resist!






Ummmm, stlwooter…WTH is this?


another last post thread. I thought there weren’t enough of them.


post b


ha II


ha III


hey st

long time no see


ha IV


ha ha V


hey. busy.
now I’m just stirring up trouble.


ha v
ha v not


I can see


clearly now


hows school?



teaching optics. Had kids experimenting with beams of light and mirrors to discover angle of incidence and angle of reflection. Lots of fun.


Earlier you had said you were picking up diploma tomorrow. Are you a student, teacher or student teacher?


heh? I don’t remember saying that, but I talk a lot in here, and not all is sensicle even one word at a time. :slight_smile:

I am a teacher, have taught for 13 years, did other jobs in between teaching gigs. I am trying to get my mind around the paperwork and tests to get Mass cert, but that is a pain in the ass!


Maybe it was someone else who said it. I get all confused. I just realized you are the teacher who was in the philly school system.


me and a bunch of other grumpy people!

heh those were the days before forced privatization. Sure glad that cured all the ills.