LAST POST XII: The Postening. Post early, post often, but above all, post last

(Yes, this is RATM, not Springsteen. I’m not a fan of Springsteen :))

He’s waiting for the time when the last shall be first and the first shall be last. Post, that is.




You need a first post picture.


Congrats J5 on the Last Post. I wish i could’ve stayed and made it a real competition for you, but the nap helped more than the Last Post.



I’m unlasting your unlast post.


Nice digs J5 and congrats on your first last post.

I won’t even whine that some mod came and closed it minutes after I left. Oops, that sounded like a big whine anyway. :slight_smile:


I left right after you, but migraine + nap = some better, so I got the better end of it.


Migraines suck. A few months back I was getting ocular migraines. Great part was they came with no pain at all…downside was my vision was crazy. Scared the crap out of me till I was diagnosed. I’ll take the insane vision problem that I know will clear up when the migraine is over verses the pain any day.

Are there any meds you can take prior to being in the sun that would help you?


My ocular migraines trigger full on migraines, you’re lucky, I’ve never had one that wasn’t painful.

No, there isn’t anything I can do for the sun other than wear a floppy hat which I lost again. Try to go out at dusk, stay in the shade, that’s about it.

Checking on my prescription because it’s probably low, that may help some.


Physical therapy sucks.


Ugh. I get those too. Got one a few days ago. The thing that stinks is that I can’t see for 30 minutes until the lightshow goes away. Then, an hour after that, massive headache. Suxors. None of the typical migraine meds work for me either, as it just replaces a migraine with a massive sinus headache.

But hey, I can say Last Post on page 1 of a 100 thread, eh?

I need to get my eyes checked, that’s probably part of the return of the migraines.

Of course you can say last post on the starting page of the thread, but you need to keep coming back and keep saying it. Remember when we had two last post threads and they’d close every couple months?

Last Post

I remember when they went incredibly faster than they do now. They are unbearably slow these days.


blame pblgov


And Kenny and v8r, and blue, and admiral, and everyone else who is never here anymore… yeah yeah. The loss of the photoshop contest killed the EBW!


So, what you are implying is that you are indeed a Vampire. I do believe your Migraines are a side effect of your thirst… This is just speculation of course…

Yes, I’m a vampire, but I try to refrain from my bloodlust. Also I DO NOT SPARKLE!!!


Well, that’s because you never stepped into the sun of course.


All traders! Weasels! No goodnics!

last post