LED Safety Pet Collar


LED Safety Pet Collar


What are the length differences between small and large? What would be good for a teenage cat and a fat cat? Thanks!


They were a bit hidden in the features so I got them where they stand out a bit more.

Sizing guide:


The collar seems true to size in l/xl and it looks great when lit but the clasp lets go making it worthless.


These are total junk. Light didn’t work and collar broke in less then an hour.


What size /type of battery does it use?



I can’t find the on off switch, the light will only stay on while I press the button, am I missing something? Why doesn’t it stay lit up?


Light is very bright, almost too bright for my needs. The buckle is the problem. It’s very stiff and difficult to fasten/unfasten (maybe this will relax with use). It also slips easily so any size adjustment for a dog’s neck is not going to last unless I sew it down.