LED Wall Word Clock

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LED Wall Word Clock
Price: $69.99
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I bet this would look really cool on the wall if it were battery powered.

But with an AC cord hanging down the wall?

Nah. That’s not a $70 piece of home decor. That’d look terrible.

With a warranty like that it’s surely going to last only 91 days.

The photo is kind of deceptive in showing it hanging on the wall w/o the cord.

Don’t YOU have an outlet about 6’ off the floor in the center of your wall? I thought that was standard now… :wink:

$59.75 at Walmart.com.

[MOD: That’s the smaller version. This same clock is $119.95 at Walmart.]

I saw the original designer versions of these a few years back. They had wall versions like this with no cords and wrist watch versions. They were like $800 at the time. I got so excited when I saw this post but then read about the cord. Bummer.

the ad description refers to “a quarter to seven” - but there IS no “a” on the clock. smh. this would sound like a cartoon villain from eastern Europe. “Iz quarter to seven, iz time to die, Mr. Bond.”

um, and where are thirteen and fourteen? or does 13 display as “quarter to seven minus two”?


I see where it says “wall word” but no reference to needing a cord. Maybe the ‘wall word’ was misread to be 'wall cord"?

Why would you need a 13 and 14?

Look at the second picture. That’s what the little squares at the bottom are for…

“Clock outlets” were standard in kitchens in the 60’s and 70’s. They were a single recessed outlet installed about 6’ off the floor and they had a built-in hook for hanging the clock. Wall clocks came with really short cords, less than 6" long, so the clock would hang perfectly. Once quartz movement battery clocks gained popularity the clock outlets became a thing of the past although we still have a few in stock at my hardware store.

WHY would anyone want this? A regular analog or digital clock not simple enough to see the time? Only 12" square so the texts will be small and hard to read from a distance for most people over 40. For $75 you can find MUCH nicer decorative clocks.

Sometimes dliidlii, you are quite the party pooper.

It’s cool. It’s a conversation piece.

That’s the creative write-up. It shouldn’t be used for features. :slight_smile:

Yes, it requires the included AC adapter.

I am admittedly only 35, but I set the image of the clock on my screen to roughly 4"x4" actual size and stood 10 feet away. This resulted in me easily being able to read without glasses, and my eyes are good but not perfect. This would translate to roughly a 30’ viewing distance before the words got too small to read, at least by my basic overly-simplified calculations.

I don’t know who tries to read a clock from over 30’ away but maybe this is not the clock for you then?

I love the why comment… my thoughts to this persons comments are: Why drive a Ferrari over a Hyundai as they do the same thing mentality?

Totally agree with TT. It’s cool and it is a conversation piece

What does it look like when it it’s NOT 6:45? Also, I wonder how dark the unlit words are - ideally you should NOT see any shadow of the unlit parts.