LEGO Disney Belle’s Winter Castle 238-pc.

LEGO Disney Belle’s Winter Castle 238-pc.

What’s with the note…

“Beauty and the Beast characters with horrific fates: Timmy Toothbrush, Nelly Nail-clippers and Paulie Plunger.”

I don’t see any Garbage Pail Kids in this set

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I’m more concerned about the super-liminal messaging of the “HAPPY” hair clip :grin:

That’s our creative write-up. Not part of the features. :smiley:


Is there a reason I can’t add this to my cart? Looks like it’s available, but not letting me click.

Are you using the app? You have to use the app for this one.

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Ahh… I see now, “appsclusive.” Thanks!

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You’re welcome!

stupid app

I’d go more SUBliminal. I didn’t even notice that. I had to go back a look to see what you were talking about!