Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Intel Quad-Core Chromebook

Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Intel Quad-Core Chromebook

I don’t see a chromeOS support date on this. Anyone know if it’s still getting OS updates or if it’s already EOL?

If this is a first generation model, the ChromeOS updates stopped in June. To receive security updates you’ll have to put it into development mode and install a normal Linux distribution or Neverware CloudReady.

Neverware doesn’t officially provide support for Chromebooks that have reached the end of ChromeOS support, but unlike Google they don’t block you from installing and updating the OS. I’ve had good experiences running CloudReady on unsupported machines.


I bought one of these. It is part it’s support date. However it is lightning fast and very stable. As Jamesdenton said above, there are workarounds to get updates. My biggest complaint is the lack of play store and Android app support. My fault for not doing research I guess… I assumed that all chrome OS devices could run Android apps. Guess I gotta get a new Chromebook if I wanna play clash of clans. This one does however make an awesome interface device for my Chromecast TV and a great portable web machine.