Lenovo ThinkPad 14.1" Core i5 Laptop



Anyone know what the Intel HD graphics chipset is on this lappy? Wondering if it will rly handle games…


Where’d you find this gem, Woot? Not the honking huge 15"! The 16:10! The SSD!

The Arrandale i5s are not as intelligent as the newer ones with the multiplier as far as saving energy goes.

I’m just a little wary of what could be a 2 year old SSD.


No f%$&ing way, it is either hd 2000 or hd 3000. really bad graphic card and not a deal at all. I bought is brand new T420 for only 499. This one is T410 and first generation i5 is like core 2 duo.


basically a 2 year old ssd is crap. Not a deal. Same model on ebay just about 350.


GMA HD is pretty bad. Gaming is not this thing’s strong suit unless you’re playing something like Half-Life 2.


This is priced about right, especially for a refurb. It’s a MOBILE i5 chip which is fairly gimped plus an older integrated graphics chip which is better than nothing but won’t do much beyond play videos. The SSD is a nice touch.

I do like Lenovo and a “sale” on a Win7 laptop beats any Win8 deal you’re going to find on that spec alone. But I still think you can do better for the price.


Updating the guts, but keeping the same ugly, boxy, semi-tough exterior.

Lenovo Thinkpad - the 90’s volvo of laptops.



when will it be sent to the customers


While often faster, we ask that you allow 5 days for processing and shipping. And then delivery time, of course.


My company uses these for employees. I went through 3 of them and I only write reports. Brand new and bad sectors on the HD. Open and email, type a long response and CRASH!!! Sorry this Lenovo laptop is a P-O-S!


Yea the older Intel GMA like this isn’t very good. But, the new Ivy Bridge chip with Intel GMA 4000 is getting to be decent thanks to competition from AMD on integrated graphics.


On top of that, the actual casing looks like an old brick.


That’s what I figured, didn’t have time earlier to google it for performance. Thanks for the heads up.


It benches well compared to 3k but I don’t forsee serious GPU competition until Haswell, and even then it’s only slated to have 20 pipelines/cores in the next GMA.


I guarantee you this will not have a HDD with bad sectors. Or any HDD at all.


If you will be erasing Windows and installing any Linux distro (in other words: If you are sane), you can do little better than a Thinkpad, particularly an older one like this.

Linux support on Thinkpads is excellent. Everything except the fake modem works out of the box.

If the SSD drive is too tiny or slow, upgrading it is cake. You only need to undo two screws to get at the drive bay, where you can swap in any commodity 2.5" SATA drive.

Thinkpads of this generation also have one of the finest keyboards available on laptops anywhere – excellent feel, key pitch, and reliability. You will also learn to love the ThinkLight – a small LED in the top edge of the screen bezel that shines down on the keyboard. (Sadly, Lenovo chose to abandon these proven design elements with something cutesey for the T430 generation. The jury is still out on this one.)

Also, kindly note that the display res is 1440 * 900. Most laptops you will find today are (inexplicably and infuriatingly) 1366 * 768. So, more text in your Web browser and in your EMACS window.

Or, to put it more succinctly: Don’t be too quick to sneer at this. 8GiB of RAM plus Intel ThreadHype make this a decent workhorse machine. If you’re not a gamer, this black slab should serve you well for many years.


I had an r series back when IBM owned the line. You learn to love the exterior. Especially when 90% of non-ultrabook PCs are made out of the shittiest plastic on earth. While thinkpads may not have the looks of other laptops, they hold up for at least twice as long…


We issued a few thousands of these at work, along with T400s, t420s, t430s, t61s, t60s, t42s, blahblahblah.

These have recently starting popping up with fan errors. Just the 410’s, none of the others. Some have failed within a week of being issued (and being new out of the box), but they seem to make it about 2 years before most of the fan errors pop up. Other than that, it’s just as good as the rest of the thinkpads.