Lentek Eco-Trap Mosquito Trap



i hate mosquitos.


Will this work on small, woodland creatures?


I could sure use this in the summer


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Lentek Eco-Trap Mosquito Trap
$34.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Lentek Eco-Trap Mosquito Trap


Mosquito trap eh? Pesky Critters… No need though. Getting better though Woot. :slight_smile: Good night.


I can use this to catch my razor mouse I guess


With all the smells the odor eliminators don’t get, I would think something that killed flies would be more appropriate.

Dunno if this is a bad woot, but it is a strange one.



Yea Woot, your thinking of all of us by getting a West Nile Misquito trapping contraption. Hope it works.


Who needs this when you use your hand for Mosquito.



Amazon has it for $59.99


Interesting considering I live in West Nile virus infested country, but I will have to pass.


Similiar Lentek products at SecretPrices start at $105.

If you buy one Froogle has Lenetek Eco Trap Adhesive Refills $29.99 + 6 shipping.


Damn, Mother’s Day was last week…I already got the present.


Will i need some butter with my Mosquito toast?


Isn’t the idea to repel mosquitos not attract thousands more to my yard?


Horrible insect-killing woot. How would you like if somebody did that to you. See you tomorrow, I guess.


Oh dear lawd.

I think tying a fly swatter to my coon dog’s tail and setting him in front of the missus would kill more skeeters than this thang.


Thankfully don’t need this where I live.


If nothing else you can say that Woot often surpirises us with the different types of items. Golf clubs, wine and now mosquito catchers.