LG C9 55" 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ

LG C9 55" 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ

Does anyone know who has done the Refurb on the LG OLED?

We use a third party company who we trust.

Risk assessment: Seems to big risk to take on an OLED TV. OLEDs are susceptible to burn-in.

You may want to audit your trust level in this provider.

I purchased a TV from this offer. Here’s my experience after receiving my television last night. Unforgettably and near unforgivably dangerous!

OLEDs are susceptible just like the Plasmas of old, but modern TVs, such as this one, have built in intelligence to prevent burn in (pixel shifting, auto dimming, auto-off timers, etc. etc.). The user has to either irresponsibly or purposely use an OLED panel in the wrong manner all day continuously or for hundreds of hours before burn could potentially occur on a modern panel.