LG LT1000P3 Replacement Water Filter 3Pk

LG LT1000P3 Replacement Water Filter 3Pk

Not trying to be smart Alec or pick a fight but a simple price check on the Internet will come up with a dozen places to buy these filters it’s free shipping for half of what you guys have got listed I don’t get it I thought this is our clearinghouse. Here’s an example 4 of the same filters for 3999 on eBay free shipping for less 10 bucks apiece you guys have three for $85. Here is the just one of the eBay ads.


[TT: fixed ugly link]

I’m not fixing that. There is no fixing that. Nope nope nope.

Besides, finding the hidden words like greedy and recall is too much fun.

How can you not trust a link that includes “wise” and “unbiased” in it?

It’s calling me “bae”. Say my name. If you ain’t playing games say my name.

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Yeah, we don’t comp to eBay unless it’s a know retail store (e.g. Target, Dyson, etc).

The cheaper ones online had sketchy checkout and only allowed GooglePay or PayPal. Not going there.