Li Ning Women's Yoga Hoodies

In spite of the name, these hoodies seem to be just regular sweatshirt material, without a LiNing.

Quite interesting to see that Li Ning clothing is being sold on a main stream American site. I didn’t even know they made Yoga clothes or anything that wasn’t Badminton/Ping Pong related. Li Ning is pretty huge in the badminton world.

I bought 2 women hoodies with two kid toys, but I got one hoodie and two kid toy. Where is another women hoodie? I was trusted this website and I ordered so many things, but this holiday season this website is terrible serviced. I bought two hoodies and shipped only one, and I bought two police bikes for Christmas gifts and I got missing parts and defective units.

Sorry for the trouble. I’d suggest emailing Woot Member Services with your order number(s), user name and situation. They can access your orders and help you out.