Licensed Memorabilia

Woot, why must you throw this temptation out there with the Luke signed Panthers mini-helmet.

I want it so much. My impulse almost made me buy it. Perhaps when I wake up, I can make better non-groggy decisions and probably still buy it anyway.

That Peyton Manning helmet is SOOOO freaking tempting. I would buy it if I had a spare $300+.

It is a full page of want. I wish I was rich.

Wow. Just wow. Never thought I’d see something like from woot. Me want so much football…

Do these items come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

Never mind might help if I read the whole description.

Would not touch one of these. Several of these are clearly fakes and bad at that. Just because it comes with a COA doesn’t mean it’s real. People need to do their due diligence to make sure their getting the real thing. What company is supplying these?

I can’t speak for these, but the basketballs woot had a while back were with a Steiner COA.

Anyone want to buy my Ty Detmer signed official NFL ball? The ball by itself sells for $100!




Steiner is one of the most trusted names in autographed memorabilia. I’ve been collecting football autographs only for 30 years now, and I can’t see one of these as being “clearly fake.” Please let us know which ones you think they are, because you piqued my curiosity and I checked most of them to my in-person signed items and they all matched.

Thank you for saving me money to the 5 people that bought the Luke helmet.

The Bernie Kosar signed helmet does not look legit by any means. I have several of his autographs over the years of his playing in the NFL and none match this. Close, but no where near what it should be. There have been numerous fraudulent cases with a seller in the North East Ohio area that was forging these and they look very similar to the ones he was selling as being legit with a COA. (Albeit I can’t remember off-hand which company provided the COA.) No one has answered the question yet as I’m really curious who the actual seller is on these as well.

They say they come with a Steiner COA.

Would be great if you could have another event like this closer to Christmas. My husband and sons love this stuff, but it’s so hard to find good authenticated items. How about baseball and basketball??

It’s pretty consistent with my autograph on my 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spots no. SSBK. If you are having doubts, don’t buy it. But it is the same picture from the Steiner Sports website, , and since they have contracted to have him sign for them and it comes with their COA, it’s safe to say that the picture is of Bernie Kosar’s signature. Mounted Memories also had him sign for them, and here’s their page, , which you’ll notice that the signature is very much the same there.

Surprised to see this on woot!

Anyone know if “authentic helmet” means authentic Proline helmet? (or are there even other brands for the authentic helmets?)


Just a quick note to those who even care. I ordered a Gronk helmet and it already was delivered and it does have a New England Picture COA and sticker. Not Steiner like in the description.

Note: I was a dunderhead and put Steiner on my original post, which was to point out it wasn’t Steiner.

I don’t know the exact helmet you are looking at, but usually it’s the Proline. There are authentic Speed, Revolution, Throwback, and older-timey TK helmets. They are all made my Riddell, though. It used to mean game issue specs, but it has now just come to mean “like” the actual player helmets.

I bought 5 helmets when this came up ,Woot never shipped 1!!! Received a decline 2 weeks later. Woot sports is TOTAL BS!!! Don’t waste your time !!!