Lifesmart 1,800 Sq Ft Heater

**Item: **Lifesmart 1,800 Sq Ft Heater
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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10/13/2013 - $79.99 - 27 comment(s)

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Make sure you check it out well. Got a 1500sqft one a while back, and it didn’t work. Fortunately Woot warranty still in place.

This heater, which uses electrical resistance to produce heat, is pretty much exactly as “efficient” as any other electrical resistance heater, even if it does look like an old-timey radio. The idea that this could heat a 1800 square foot house is absurd. You’d do just as well getting a 19 dollar space heater from home depot.

I bought this a month ago and so far so good. Unlike the space hater from Home depot its safe around the little ones is not an eye sore and its programmable.

Haven’t we gone over this before? Somehow or other, the (very likely) Chinese manufacturers of this heater have confused “square feet” with “cubic feet”.

You MIGHT sufficiently heat a 15’x15’ room that’s 8’ high (1800 ft3) with this heater, depending on various factors (how cold outside, how well the room is insulated, and how atrociously high you want your power bill to run).

But there is no way on God’s green earth you’re heating an 1800 square foot house with this thing…not unless you live on a tropical island, and have the warm tropical breeze coming in through the open windows!

And while you might feel as though your kids are safer around this heater, the fact is that any good quality ceramic heater, at less than half the price, will be just as safe. No guarantees as to whether it will fit into your feng shui style of decoration, though!

I bought one last time Woot offered it. Has a habit of shutting down, and it must be unplugged and plugged back in to reset whatever. Then it works good for another hour or so, and …

I havent used it for awhile, since it irritates me so much.

Just Sayin…

Great endorsement…I’m out! Thanks for the feedback!

A $19 heater likely won’t have a thermostat built in like the Lifesmart though, you’re looking to spend upwards of at least $24 for that function.

I bought this last time around and have been really pleased with it. We have a small ranch house and I would say that it easily heats our 4 main rooms (we got it to heat 1 room but we found that it warmed up over half of our main floor–about 600sf.

We keep our house set at 64degrees and use this to heat the room we are in up to about 68-70 degrees so we aren’t cranking the heat.

Things I love about this heater:
Significantly safer in a house with 7 furry pets since it’s cool to the touch everywhere except right in front of the heat vent.

Automatic shut off once it reaches desired temp (could this be the issue a previous poster had w/ the random shutting off?).

Remote is a nice added touch.

Safety features like shut off and tip-over shut off.

Small and reasonably nice finishes makes it easily fit into our space

Absolutely no way this will heat 1800 sq ft. I use 3 or 4 of the smaller $35 space heaters…1500 watt models and they don’t come close to heating 1800 sq ft. Watts are watts and all 1500 watt heaters heat the same.
especially if the temp outside gets below 40
Most space heaters have thermostats, maybe not digital but the spring type that will keep constant temps.


I agree with the price-point suggested, though the one thing to note is that the thermostats in most heaters are the part that fail soonest - just like in toaster ovens. The bimetallic strip bends and unbends to turn the thing on and off, and I can’t imagine that after 1000 cycles metal fatigue does not set in – since the stress between the two metals is exactly how it works. Atleast the thing has to be working at the edge of its tolerances after one season of use.

I use heaters at home to take the edge off in the occupied rooms - that way we heat the other areas less. For that approach, a theromostat isn’t entirely necessary since we pretty much have it running 100% of the time and heat losses from the room hold the temp steady – but a tip-over safety switch and an overheat safety are definitely critical. So that’s what I look for. Average life has been around 4 years, and I’ve gone through four of them (I have two at a time) – various brands.

I’ve seen the “shuts down after an hour” problem with the two other heaters that died and one of my current ones. The fans tend to be relatively reliable, though that’s the other moving part in the heaters, obviously.

Probably a good heater for someone living in Mexico.

How big of a room are you heating with it though?

[quote postid=“5600630”
I bought this a month ago and so far so good. Unlike the space hater from Home depot its safe around the little ones is not an eye sore and its programmable.

  1. No way this heats 1,800/sqft.
  2. The LifeSmart Refurb program isn’t all that great, but when it arrives broken they’ll ship you the parts you need to fix it (both of mine required repairs).
  3. Refurb also means it could have large dents/cuts, etc. in the finish which they won’t fix/warranty.
  4. They work, but are a bit noisy (think medium fan) and like most heaters of this type produce very, very dry air.

You can buy a brand new Lasko for about the same at Amazon…it’s smaller, heats as well, if not better, and you get a year warranty rather than 30 days.

Was going to buy one but after reading the post think I will shop around some more.

Also make sure you check that you got the correct heater. I bought one of “these” at the last woot off. Instead of the 1800 sq ft heater I got a 750 sq ft heater. Four days after I had sent woot an email they finally respond and offer to give me $10.
Buyer beware, woot doesn’t give a crap what they send you. Been about three or four years since I’ve had a good buying experience with woot-azon.

Can I program it to turn on before my alarm goes off in the morning?