Lifezone Pro 6 Element 1500W Infrared Heater

I would think…sweet they turned off some lights…they must be finally learning.

Yeah, except that’s wrong. We have 2 oil filled radiator type heaters in our finished basement, both set to low with the dial about 35% up. Warmest room in the house, and you can put your hand right on the top.

Radiator type aren’t ideal for people who just want to turn them on when they enter the room, but for long term heat they’re perfect.

I think this is the same model I bought on Woot a couple years ago… The remote control on my Hitachi television will make seemingly arbitrary adjustments on the heater… Until we made the connection, We couldn’t figure out why we would set it at 68° and then notice sometime later it was at 80 degrees, or sometimes it would go from heater to fan… Otherwise it’s been working fine for years

Looks can be deceiving. Per our vendor, ours has the better metal-wrapped elements. This lets them heat up faster and retain heat better.

“Elementary” my dear watt-son!

This one looks nicer and (as you say) the heating elements are tucked away (needing a fan to blow out the heat).

For the garage: nope.
In a nice living room: maybe.

You and some others seem confused, so I’m going to try to clear this up:

All electric heaters produce infrared, and given that heat is the eventual product of all physical interactions, no heater is really more efficient (from a physics standpoint) than any other. They all produce the same amount of heat per watt of electricity used. (Even an incandescent light bulb will produce 90% of the electricity it draws as heat.)

The only difference between the types of electric space heaters is how they get the heat to your body: Either by radiating focused infrared directly at you, or by heating the air and letting convection warm the room you’re sitting in.

If you’re trying to heat a room so it’s comfortable for several people, convection heaters (like the one above) are better. If you’re trying to heat just one person for a few hours without heating the entire room, a radiant heater with a parabolic mirror will save you more money.

The heater Woot! is offering here is pricey because it looks nice and the ad uses fancy but meaningless language. This heater will not perform any differently than any other 1500W convection heater that has a fan. IF you like the look of it, buy it. But don’t think you’re getting some magic “super-efficient natural sunlight” heater that’s going to change your life.

Heat capacity does not work that way!

/sorry, couldn’t help myself

I bought one just like this (different brand name, same specs, looks IDENTICAL) at Sam’s club for $79.99. The orignal price was $120, lowered to $100, now lowered to $80.

I think it is more about busting myths, spotting weasel words in ads and promoting critical thinking.

As I have said before, I knew a guy who told me he liked his new quartz-rod heater because “It only heats living things and not inanimate objects.”


LOL. Great source to rely on for accurate information. They blew smoke and you believed it!?

Why exactly would you want the coils to “retain heat” in a space heater? I want the space to be warm, not the coils.

Got both a infrared bought on woot and a oil based radiator I got at home depot. They both heat a room good. The infared might be a bit faster.
Though I leave the Oil heater on over night and I wake up needing to chug water. So it does the job too.

Received on Saturday.

So far…not so good.

I put this thing in the master bathroom and set it to come on in the morning. You can’t program it to come on every morning, you have to set it every night. Not a big deal.

BUT! It only comes on at one temperature. No matter how you set it, when it turns on it only comes on to the High setting at 72 degrees.

No big deal, I supposed. Except it doesn’t heat the room to 72 degrees! It shuts off when the room is 60 degrees. Is the thermostat off by that much?

So this thing comes on in the morning and does nothing. I have to go in there an manually raise the temp for it to heat the room at all. Which is exactly what I was doing with my little $20 space heater.

So far this thing is a giant waste of money.