Little Giant 15 Foot Ladder System

I think a refurbished ladder will be fine.

“Refurbished products could possibly be the products which are returned by the customer within the 90 day period Returns Policy of the company which sold the product, without any defect with the product. Studies show that 83% of “refurbished items” are, in fact, not broken or damaged in any way. Refurbished products are generally bench tested and certified by the authorized service centers of the company and then re-packaged, labeled as a Refurbished Product.”

Great ladder! GREAT price!!

I got mine! (sorry, don’t need 3)

He is at work!! probably using a ladder…who knows…he has like 5 here at home and 4 at work…and at Christmas time he gets them all out to put up xmas lights…our house ha ladders propped up all around it…it is funny…lol

Biscuits are in the oven…smelling yummy!!! :smiley:

Already have one of these great ladders. In for three more.

Pervert. Hey don’t forget to take a dildo along just incase somebody gets a little frisky.

Because its safer than borrowing the one from your neighbor who backs into it with his car all the time, but forgot to mention it to you.

No just hungry.

How do these things break? And how could they have so many of them that are refurbished?

Will the 15 foot ladder be on here long enough to get 15 pages of posts?

I could really use one of these right now. I think APO shipping might be a little tough though.

I see what you did there

Did my part and bought one…

BTW, I was just at the state fair in Iowa yesterday and saw the demo for the newer model that has a simpler locking mechanism and is supposed to be lighter. But the same size ladder was $379 (or so). Also, I just saw this same model at Costco for $199.

I figure it’s a conspiracy…first it was Costco, then the state fair, and now Woot…How could I resist?

maybe if i climb to the top of it, i can see the end of this w00t off! it sure is a long one.


I shared a hospital room with a large man who shattered his arm and broke 3 ribs when the hinge let go while he was at the top of the ladder.

All you folks wondering about the refurbished part…

Little Giant has many places that they sell these things. HSN and QVC are among these places and very liberal return policies. For the sake of Safety, I would assume that any of those returns would make it all the way back to the manufacturer for testing.

Any parts, that were bad, have been replaced and it is quite possible there is cosmetic damage (either from customer use or shipping). They can’t be sold as new and are sold as refurbs.

Considering the ladder has a lifetime guarantee, I would feel pretty confident about purchasing one of these. (I already have 2 of them)

All that being said, where is your sense of adventure. A little butt puckering is good for the soul. It will keep you just a bit nervous as you climb to the heights, which is a good thing.

This is a great ladder. We bought it new from Costco for $130 4 months ago.

These are the ladders that home inspecters use because they’ll fit in an automobile and they can climb up on the porch and then to the next storey, etc.

I have a Little Giant from the 1960’s and it’s all steel and too heavy and flimsy to be as practical as this one appears to be. I think it also can be eetup like a table.

Excellent, have one for me, preferably with blackberry jam.

This is a great ladder for a city-dweller: Folds up and fits in a corner of the basement, and unfolds to a surprisingly long ladder. However, it is MUCH heavier than a standard ladder, so consider carefully your meekness before buying.