Little Giant LT 22' Multipurpose Ladder

I got a similar ladder at menards for $150 plus an 11% rebate. great ladder, built strong and not that heavy.

I would like to hear more about this :slight_smile:

Neighbor has one of these but with a leveling feet option that is pretty handy. I’m 6 feet tall, 180 lb, and this is about (or maybe just past) the limit of my ability to safely move around at maximum extension.

the last time it was up it was priced at $179.99. mine came with 2 dents in it. just woots way

Little Giant offers a version of this ladder with levelers. I would have really rather had one of those since I would like to use it outside on unlevel ground. Of course that version is $394 from Little Giant and I haven’t found it anywhere else. Levelers are add-on options for many of their other ladders, but not for this one since it’s built on. I should’ve looked around more before ordering.

I don’t see the LT mentioned on the compatibility lists on the Little Giant Web Site. Which trestle brackets and other accessories fit this ladder? Is it the same as the Velocity?

The main reason I like the LG over the Werner is the ability to use it as a 90 degree ladder so I can work closer to the wall/gutter/whatever. Does the Werner do this as well?

they change model names for different venders. i researched this for hours before buying the LT at home depot. basicly its the same 20% lighter unit. you can get a 250 LB or 300LB ladder with push or pull releases just by changing model names. so what really changes? the decals. It creates the illusion of newer better products. It is by far the best ladder I have used mine for 30 years