Little Giant LT 22' Multipurpose Ladder

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Little Giant LT 22’ Multipurpose Ladder
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I purchased the 10302 Model M17 Little Giant 15 Foot Ladder System back in 2009 from Woot! Best investment. Sturdy, no flexing. Very nice! I would have no hesitation buying another.

These are great! They fold easily, fairly lightweight. I love mine. Actually, I got 2 to use as scaffolds.

These are great ladders. Only fell off one once, not the ladders fault though lol

Can anyone point out the difference between the LT model and the Velocity?

Heck, even the “Features” section Of the Woot page calls it the Velocity at one point.

Some pictures of the LT (see both AND show the LT with plain round hinge locks. Other pictures, including the owner’s manual, show the LT with the triangular hinge locks that the Velocity pictures show.

Even the little giant web sites describe the LT as a less expensive version of the Velocity, but don’t explain how. Both have a lifetime warranty. Made in China vs USA?

The LT 22 is on the little giant website for $239. Where did they get half price?

If you go to the little giant website the landing page is “best sellers” click the ladders tab and it will show you most if not all of the models. I did the research a while ago, but it seemed at the time that the LT ladders had a less secure hinge lock.

Yeah, i did indeed look at all the models.

Do you have anything specific?

 Oh, I see your confusion, you are expecting a great price break on a unique, useful or at least entertaining item.   Yeah, that was WOOT before they became sell outs to Amazon.  Those days are gone. No more great prices except on batteries. Sorry. The thrill is gone.

You can get similar ladders at the same reach for this price on a regular basis. The Werner 22 foot is at Home Depot for 199 on a regular basis. I picked on up for 120 on black friday two years ago. Haven’t had any problems with it. Inlaws have a little giant brand 22 foot (not sure of exact model) and I haven’t noticed anything that would make me think the extra money was worth it.

I say, wait for a sale (or coupon) at one of the big box stores and get a Werner cheaper. Plus, if something goes wrong, it’s a heck of lot easier to return than shipping a LADDER back to Woot.

This price isn’t amazing, but you could do worse.

I own one of these. Very nice ladder. Used it just a few days ago to work on my roof.

This is a great ladder, but DON’T be deluded into thinking it is light. The 22’ model is HEAVY at about 45lbs. Even though it has wheels it still has to be lifted at times. The Utube video accompanying this sale is demoing a 17’ version which is MUCH lighter and is why the guy is able to move it so easily. I’d like to see him demo the model 22 like that! All that said, it IS a great ladder and extremely safe and stable. Just be aware of the weight.

This offering has become a sadness.

Agreed…my mother bought one for my dad and I for birthday presents this year. My dad is 76 and can’t use it on his own…it’s just too heavy for him to lug around. I live in a fairly small 1200sqft condo for now so I have no issues with it, but he’s in a 6,500sqft 3 level lake house on 5 acres…it’s versatility is awesome for many areas of their place, but getting it where you need it to go is a challenge.

You do know what list price is, right? Even the company that makes it says that the MSRP is 399. No one is lying here. But sure, pay 40 dollars more because you misunderstood what was going on.

The Werner is 6-7 lbs heavier than the Little Giant 22’ ladder. It might not seam like a big difference but it is when you are trying to carry it around and/or extend it. Plus, having owned both, the lock pins for setting the different section lengths on the Werner did not feel as precise and secure as they do on the Little Giant ladders. Similar is not the same.

The pics are the same as that of the ‘Velocity’. Most companies today list the highest retail or MSRP on their add to show the discount. That is not unusual although with research and patience it is always possible to find as good a deal as Woot these days. I like this Ladder. I have an older 2 piece 22’ and it’s heavy and clumsy and takes up a lot of room, and it’s only a Ladder. This one is quite interesting.

I’ve the 17 alta-one and the 26 revolution. It’s not just the added weight of the 22 that makes it more difficult; it’s the height of the pivot point relative to your height. If you’re taller than the ladder, it’s pretty easy. A 6’ person can work a model 22 about as easily as a 5’ person can work the model 17 version. The model 26 ladder is an absolute beast at roughly 65lbs and 6’ tall at the pivot. Nearly impossible to work it by myself if I have the top portion going full height. Even with two people, if it’s windy, and you’ve got the thing fully extended, you gotta be real careful about keeping the base firmly planted and controlling the sway, all while trying to control the raising/lowering of the inner ladder–which starts getting really heavy on your hand. I actually like the alta-one style locks vs the “rock-lock” of the lx/revolution series. With the lx/revolution series, you are forced to buy an accessory to turn your ladder into scaffolding stands, whereas the alta-one can be configured for scaffolding with just a reconfiguration of the ladder halves.