Living World Animal Habitat - Large

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Living World Animal Habitat - Large
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Chihuahuas do NOT belong in rabbit cages. This product bites!

I bought one of these cages for my guinea pigs a couple of months ago. The water bottle clip is worthless, but other than that, it is a great cage: lots of room and easy to open and clean.

I was concerned about that as well. I hope people aren’t buying these with plans to put (keep?) their dogs or cats in them for long periods of time. I guess it would be OK as a crate for a chi-sized dog or for a cat for transport or something, but not as a place to live. Not really sure. It was definitely jarring to see a dog in there.

This cage for $30 is a steal. Better for dwarf rabbits, bigger rabbits will be cramped. Also, the description reads chinchillas, not chihuahuas btw

This should come with a random animal.

I don’t seem to be able to find the answer to this on the site:

If I ordered an item a bit earlier during the woot-off, and now I want to order a second item, will the shipping be automatically be combined or do I get charged the $5 twice?

Nope, $5 per cart.

I had an older slightly smaller version of this, but decided to get a new cage as my bun had seems to spend more time in the cage now that it’s cold in the house.

If you make your cords around the house chew-proof, your bunny should be allowed to roam the house or at least have an exercise pen so they don’t stay in the cage all day!

That being said, this cage provides space for a litter box, a hiding space under the ledge (a large rabbit will not fit), a nice ledge setup that secures the bowl in place (my Munchie likes to play with toys and usually considers her bowl to be one of them).

It is a little hard for her to get in and out on her own. The sliding door is a little small. When she is roaming around, I take her litter box out with her.

As another poster mentioned, the water bottle clip isn’t the greatest. I have used her existing flip top bottle instead.