Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR Remote

Bought this at least a couple years ago from Woot and have been very pleased with it. My wife likes that it’s very easy to use.

This remote works fine once you get it configured but I really dislike the button layout. I watch a lot of shows on my DVR so I am a frequent user of the FF/RW/Play buttons and their position at the top of the touch screen is terrible. I do like that you can access any setting for any device you’ve configured via the touchscreen but I’m ok with using my smartphone for that purpose with the Harmony Hub.

I currently use a Harmony Companion remote with the Harmony Hub and it is the best I’ve ever used. The battery life is insane since it doesn’t have a screen or backlight. My only complaint is the lack of a backlight but then that would offset the great battery life. If money were no object I would probably get the Harmony Elite since it has the touchscreen, backlight, and good button layout. I don’t have that kind of money tough!

I own one of these and it’s excellent. Buy it. Buy it now. Don’t even think about it.

These have been on closeout 4 or 5 times at Best Buy for $75. I have almost pulled the trigger. Until I found out Logitech no longer supports this remote. The software needed to download to set this up doesn’t even come up on the Logitech search page. It is buried under support though. Given that Logitech recently bricked users Links in order to force them to upgrade to Hubs I would be very careful about future support on any discounted product this company sells. Will there be a day when you come home to find your One doesn’t work because Logitech wants you to upgrade to the Home model replacement?

I have this from a woot a while ago. It works well but as has been mentioned the button layout is a bit odd and there aren’t any physical number buttons, they’re only on the touch screen.

Speaking of the touch screen, this is the weak point, IMO. Trying to select an activity is as likely to flip it left or right as it is to select what you are trying to click on. Also, just picking it up will frequently result in an unintended selection that you will have to undo.

Other than that it’s ok. Given a chance to do it over I’d probably go with a different one.

The only thing that I don’t like about the software, there’s no direct Linux version. Sure, there are ways around it, but not being directly supported is a bit irritating for such a simply coded device.

Windows MyHarmony software link: https://setup.myharmony.com/

Linux: 2 packages are required, Concordance and Congruity. EDIT: Some users are reporting that the Windows software does run with some success under WINE

anyone uses with roku and sling tv app? can you program channels from an app thru roku or can only happen with a cable or satellite receiver?

Not sure if this remote supports direct launching of Roku channels but the Logitech Harmony Smart Control with included hub does and is currently $69.00 on the mother ship. The hub uses Bluetooth, IP, and IR to control devices. I’ve used both a standalone Harmony remote as well as the smart control with hub and love both though for my needs the smart control is far superior and the remote has a much better button layout and is very comfortable in the hand. Only downside I’ve found is that requires 2.4 GHz WiFi (no 5ghz) on router and smartphone.

Bingo. Logitech (hope they are reading this), has some pretty cool stuff. I’ve always been a fan of keyboards, mouse and their older home security camera. I even have the SqueezeBox WiFi radio. HOWEVER, like you said, they just don’t drop the devices, they stop supporting it. I think I have 1 logitech roller ball mouse that I keep in the office just as a “conversation” piece.

I’ve had a couple of Logitech Harmony remotes. I’m currently using the 650. While it’s not the model selling here, I can give my enthusiastic endorsement for the product line. It saved my antique Vizio set when the remote died. That model’s remote was no longer available and the setup functions could not be accessed with any other universal remote I could find. The Logitech Harmony did the job. It supported all of the available functions on the TV.

I have three of these in my house. Best remote for set up, ease of use and price. Best price i have ever seen it for.

Does this remote have a separate “30 second skip” button or function? The older versions of the Harmony Remote that I have had (Harmony 900) have a special button that helps with jumping past commercials on recorded programs.

Does this remote pair with the Harmony Hub?

I already have the Hub with the Smart Control, but would love not having to pull out my phone every time to fix when the dumb thing switches to the wrong input and gets lost when switching activities.

so with the hub version, i can eliminate my roku remote and swing thru roku channels in sling tv or direct tv nw app without using arrows? you know they show the channel list on receivers, that’s what I need but on the roku apps.

I can assign Roku channels (ie; Netflix, Pandora etc.) to the Harmony smart remote buttons and activities. I use the smart remote arrow keys to navigate the Roku interface and app interfaces.
I don’t use sling or DirectTV so I can’t say for sure regarding those apps but I’ll bet the Logitech forums would have this answer.
I can control the Roku without using the Roku remote.

I have had 2 - 650’s these are far by the most rugged of the group. My wife got in an argument with me once and literally slammed the remote against a wall. Worked for another 3 years before it wouldn’t power up any more. But even if they drop support you can still use the app to program one.

Please don’t trust Logitech

The comment that the FF/RW/Play buttons and their position at the top of the touch screen was terrible kept me from buying this remote until the price dropped and I went for it anyway. Now that I have it I realize you can do all those things from the touch pad as well as adjust the volume it’s great! I liked it so much I bought a second one.

I bought one of these from here about 2 years ago for $99 refurbished. Right out of the package the AC plug that plugs into the wall outlet was mangled, melted, and charred. I couldn’t believe how the package was nice, everything well wrapped and secure, and then the plug looked like it had been in a incinerator. I still have it in my garage. Woot didn’t offer help, they said take it up with Logitech. Logitech said they wouldn’t help since I bought it at a third party site. I got pissed. Not wanting to get into a big fight I emailed woot and asked for $10 back so I could buy an A/C adapter with mini USB plug to power it and they agreed. Overall I like the remote.