Luminoodle LED Rope Lights

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Luminoodle LED Rope Lights
Price: $24.99 - 34.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Nov 21 to Tuesday, Nov 22) + transit
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Kickstarter Page

I backed these in the Kickstarter, and I have both the five foot and ten foot models. I’m quite happy that I got them - they are great for camping, and I keep them in my car in case of a breakdown or flat after dark. The lantern mode works quite well, and the embedded and sliding magnets are pretty useful when car camping… I’d definitely get these if I didn’t already have them

Having a hard time NOT justifying getting these. They get really good reviews over on the mothership, too.

Why are they cheaper on their own website?

Lower price on their product page is without a battery pack.


I’m probably going to have to jump on this. I saw a bunch of people using these (or a similar product) at the Electric Forest festival this past year. They’d surround their blanket / mat when they sat down so that people wouldn’t step on them at night. It was pretty effective.

I have the 5’ model and highly recommend it. They are well built, have numerous options to attach to different things and provide a decent amount of light. If you are even thinking about getting one, pull the trigger.

Would this illuminate (theoretically indefinitely) plugged into a USB on a computer, or wall plug adapter?

is the battery pack waterproof, as in, could I leave it outside on my deck by my grill at all times, or use this when working in the rain? Says it can use any usb source so I’m guessing not…

These don’t have any means of daisy-chaining, I presume. Are they dimmable?

Yes, should run forever off a computer (or other wall powered USB).

Note that these lights are $5 cheaper on Amazon (Prime eligible) without the battery pack, so the real deal is essentially $5 (plus another $5 shipping for some) for a 4400mah USB battery.

Personally I’ve got enough USB power packs around that I’ll just grab the raw lights on Amazon, but if you need USB power packs this is a reasonable deal.

dang…missed the 5’ length. Thought the 10’er would have gone first.

hope to see the 5’ on here again!

This is cheaper on Amazon…

pulled the trigger, couldnt help myself. just seems cool

That offer does not include the battery pack.

That’s a super creative idea!

You guys really seem to like this electric spaghetti- way more than we thought you would actually…

We sold out of our original stock for this item, but the vendors/visionaries behind this product agreed to help us feed your need for more light-up linguine.

So now all your nocturnal noodles will come directly from their pasta palace.

That is all. Carry on!