Luna Vineyards Napa Valley Sangiovese (6)

Luna Vineyards Napa Valley Sangiovese 6-Pack
$89.99 $174.00 48% off List Price
2013 Luna Sangiovese, Napa Valley

the format has changed recently for woot. i am not sure that i like it. i think the selection has decreased and is not as good as it once was.i no longer look forward to checking out the daily deals. we have bought wine fairly regularly from woot. the wine choices have not been good or tempting to purchase. i hope that this is temporary or a process that will improve. thank you.

Geez would I love for this to be able to come to VA!!!

This is their lowest of three tiers of Sangiovese. From the winery it is $187.38 delivered to a bay area address. I also have bought much wine through Woot over the years. I also agree the “deals” are not nearly enticing overall as they used to be. I have never had a “quality” post. I have never been offered a bottle of wine to review. I just don’t have the same excitement about Woot that there once was.

Have you filled out the form that lets them know you’d be willing to review a bottle?

Do you have the link to the form? Now that I am a parent, my capacity for wine has increased 1000% fold

I think many of us will agree.

I also think that we may have gotten a bit spoiled in the early days. When wine.woot was getting started, that was during a time when there was a glut of quality wines, and many wineries had excess product that they needed to move. Wine.woot was then a good way to clear out that inventory, and some outstanding deals were available.

The industry has probably worked through that glut, and so we don’t see those screaming deals anymore.

Maybe some of those great deals will return, after the hot summer shipping season.

Now all the glut is downstairs! We are full up here so I pray there are not too many tempting wines for a while. I just want to try them all…Darn you Wine.Woot!

We’d be happy to have you as a Grape Debater! The survey link here:

Reviews around the web seem like my kind of wine. After placing my order I noticed that mill is first sucker. I’ve never had a bad wine when mill is first, although I did notice that it took him a slower than normal 50 seconds to decide to buy this time. Thanks mill!

thanks. yea, this is a great deal on a very sold wine from a known producer. IMO.

Mill has pushed me over many a time and not gone wrong yet. Whoever he is woot should have him on the payroll.

Wine Woot’s been around since Oct '06 and I bought my first thing from them in '10. IMO, since I first starting buying wine from here, the selection has gone up and that which I’m interested in is like before - some stuff sounds great or is a known auto-buy, some stuff is a hard pass.
I mean, I still see great things from Pedroncelli, Clark Smith, Bell, Wellington, etc… Alas, the lack of Stillman Brown whites in the world makes me sad, though. But he barely has them directly either.
Also, what glut are we talking about exactly? In a global market like this, different regions/countries have experienced many ups and downs over the last decade or so.

Actually May 22, 2006. This was the first offer.

I really miss the Vino Noceto Sangiovese offers that we used to see regularly. Does anyone know how this offer compares?

Where are these Luna deals coming from?
I recently saw their Pinot Grigio and Rose at a close out store for around $6 a pop.

I was going off this post, as I was curious how long. Was going by what he said was “official”. I’ll give you the beta, tho. :slight_smile:

This was delivered last week and was so good I just had to come back and comment. We drink a lot of sangiovese - mostly Italian - and this is one of the best I’ve had. If it comes up again, I will buy multiples. This was one of those purchases where I am glad I took a chance on an unknown (to me).