Makes me wish I was back in grade school

Wait, does it really say “Shirt Woot” on the side?? I don’t know how I feel about that… Same with the unnecessary giant exclamation point.

If these just had the graphics from the t-shirts and maybe a small WOOT or shirt.WOOT logo (or a slightly larger one on the bottom side of the lunchbox), these would be great. DO NOT LIKE the giant “!” DO NOT LIKE the giant “shirt.woot!”. WILL NOT BUY because of those two things.

Do you get a thermos??? Its a lunch box, it needs a thermos!!! :wink:

Damn it woot >.< I actually needed a lunchbox because right now I’m having to carry comic books in the same bag as my lunches, and you just had to have “It Came Out of Nowhere”. I was doing so well resisting! I was working on my 30 day chip! Why must you do this to me?

Agreed, the shirt woot on the side makes it seem like one big advertisement. That would be like buying a normal woot shirt of the day and there be a big “Shirt Woot” on the back of every shirt.

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Are these considered the “crate” part of the School Crate? If so, I’m totally disgusted with one of those …

I’m thinking of getting one to keep my woot stickers in. I’m thinking Artichokey.

I surprisingly don’t mind the giant exclamation mark and shirt woot on the side, but I’ve decided it’s in my best interest to convince myself I don’t need one of these. Or two, or three.

The way things are going, perhaps this is the cuddly item.

Excellent choice. :slight_smile:

Disgusted? Why for?

I had to get acquired taste for my 4 year olds lunch box.

I have the shirt and it is his favorite. He doesn’t know what brains are so he thinks its a cupcake. Its the cutest thing.

That’s beyond adorable XD

The crate is NOT one of these lunchboxes… it’s something only available with the crate.

I missed it! Doh!


You’re just trying to make me feel bad for not buying one of these now, aren’t you?

Dammit, this was a great idea and I didn’t think of it or see this in time.

Guess I could put my stickers in one of the other dozen lunchboxes I own…