Lutron Caseta Smart Home Dimmer Switch

Lutron Caseta Smart Home Dimmer Switch

I dunno, $50 (discounted!) for a light switch? Home depot has them for as low as 58 cents and light timers for $6. Is there a difference? You bet. I suppose it’s worth it if you’re not sure what else to do with your disposable income.

In my opinion, these are the best smart dimmer switches available once you have a hub. Best part is they don’t require a neutral wire so they can be used in older homes. You can set up groups and program Pico switches to control multiple locations by voice thru Alexa or app. In the app you can set up schedules or use IFTTT to set your lights to turn on when you arrive home. With the an added Pico remote and wallplate adapter you can add a switch anywhere without having to add any wires. We put a pico remote in the entrance of our home next to the alarm panel so with one push of a button it turns on the hallway, kitchen and living room lights. We used another pico next to the bed to dim or turn off the lights without having to get up. I have them installed everywhere in my house except the closets and garage. I’ve always bought mine on Ebay though because sometimes you can find them for around $40 with a pico and faceplate included. BTW the face plates from from lutron look way better than normal one. They use a two part system that hides the screws. I think these are more expensive because of the colors

This is just $5 less than price on the Mothership.

I have 2 of these (and the hub, and 2 pico remotes) and I like them a lot. I got them because we have 2 rooms that have 2 doors each, and our homebuilder only put one light switch in each of those rooms, so if you enter from the wrong door then you need to walk all the way across the room to the other door in the dark to use the switch.

Once you have these (and the smart hub) installed where the light switch goes, you can get a pico remote for about $15 that you just stick on the wall wherever you want another switch, no additional wiring required for the pico remote, and you have a 3-way switch with no new wiring.

We also recently wooted an Echo Spot, and we have the Caseta lights connected to Alexa on the Echo spot, so now our bedroom lights are voice controlled too.