Luxe Self-Cleaning Hot/Cold Water Bidet

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I’d buy this but I already have one in my garden.

I have a $500 dollar bidet seat from Toto, but this would do as well. My only concern here is the water temperature. When opening the faucet it will initially be cold and turn hot later. So you might get shocked by the cold water hitting your behind. Maybe one can run the cleaning cycle first until the water gets warm. My Toto provides instant hot water that is electrically heated in the seat, so I only need a cold water connection (plus electricity which also works for the heated seat).

Once you use a bidet you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Highly recommended!

Which one of these doesn’t belong…? (This vs. Woot plus items.) Do I put this in my toolbox or garden? Guess you need tools to install it. Then it becomes a tool to clean the tools.

These sold out last time they were offered. So you better not sit on it too long.

Was just wondering why this bidet is categorized for sale under “Tools and Garden?” Just asking, don’t want to stir up any trouble.

Looked at it and figured it would be a lot easier to hook it up to my hot water outlet from the sink than to install an electric outlet for one that heats up the water electrically. Only problem is I need to run my hot water for a few minutes before the captive cold water in the pipe is moved through and the hot water comes then comes through. A user would have to sit through the cold water “rinse” cycle before the user can get to the warm water “wash” cycle.

A user could do it that way if a user was so inclined. Or a user could run it for a while on “nozzle clean” mode until the cold water is moved through the pipes, and then experience a warm water gonad rinse.

You’re welcome.

I have always wanted one of these. But, this won’t work for me. My master bath has a separate water closet where the toilet is located. There is only a cold water connection. The nearest hot water is about twelve feet away under the sink. I’d have to run a hose through/behind walls and a closet to make this work.

Sadly, there’s no electrical outlet near the toilet either, so that rules out a fancy Toto unit as well.

Went ahead and ordered one, but I was kind of hesitant since these don’t have a dryer. How does a non-electric bidet like this work compared to an electric one. Hate having a wet butt, so wondering how much tp we’ll be using just to dry it afterwards.

You don’t have to hook up the hot water connection. From looking at the reviews on Amazon, just using cold water isn’t too bad, especially if you run the cleaning cycle for a little bit before using.

Can this thing be used if you put those Clorox cleaning tablets in your toilet tank?


You mean to … tell me that … oh, the horror of it all … that you DON’T … have a fully-plumbed toilet … in your garden?!!!

How ever do you survive living in such primitive conditions???


Just sayin’ …

It knew what it needed…

It’s my understanding that it receives its water from a water line…not from the tank.
Otherwise, I don’t see where it would be a problem.

For some reason I picture my boys standing I front if it and using it as a drinking fountain , or a quick way to wet their hair and wash their face … I think I’ll pass this time but it would be nice

My smartphone has an app for this. It works best when fully charged!