Mad Priest Whole Bean Coffee 5lbs, Your Choice

Mad Priest Whole Bean Coffee 5lbs, Your Choice

$10/lb. is a lot for beans of indeterminate origin that sound like leftovers of what the importer gives them, especially for a vague “South American” source (given that the majority of beans from South America are robusta).


And it’s a 5# gamble - not like I am going through 5 lbs of coffee in a hurry…

Pass for me today.

Too many vague descriptors of sources for me. I’ve also a got TWO “micro roasters” in the area with certified single-source offerings.

A cutesy name on a very questionable product. $30 and I’d bite, not $50.

I’ve purchased a lot of coffee on here. I tried the dark roast last time & had to get rid of it, I found it that unpalatable.

Please bring back Squid Ink or even Smokin’ Aces. That was good coffee! :coffee:


Y’all are a bit wild. Mad Preist has been very good every time I’ve gotten a 3/12oz for $30ish pack on here. The only reason I’m waffling is the amount of coffee i already have in the pantry to go through. $10/pound for these is a good price.


Hey @counterf31t & @radi0j0hn ! Mad Priest roaster here! These beans are, in fact, 100% arabica coffee beans sourced through our partners at Caravela Coffee. They’re far from “leftovers.” They’re actually all coffees that are good enough to be single-origin. When we create our blends, we go through multiple tastings and cuppings to find the perfect fit for our customers! In case you’re wondering, you can find coffees from Colombia, Peru, and even a natural Ethiopian sprinkled in for a slight sweetness in some of our blends!


Not likely to be Robusta beans for a very well reviewed local roaster. And I’m not sure it’s accurate to say, particularly without context, that most beans coming out of South America are Robusta. Central and South America are the largest producers of Arabica beans. My money is on these being Arabica beans. And if these are good, well roasted and freshly roasted beans, $10/lb is an excellent price. Too much for me to buy at once, but anyone who brews at volume might find this deal worthwhile. EDIT: and there’s the roaster’s reply - all arabica.


I’m late to the party, but for future reference I got the Mad Priest 3 bag sampler (light/med roasts) last time it was offered, and the coffee fiends in my household all agreed the beans were excellent. We’re in San Francisco so have plenty of great local options, and Mad Priest held its own.

Mad Priest beans pop up every couple of months. You really won’t regret trying them.

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But you know nothing about any individual customer, so you are blending and roasting to some other goal. It’s not too much to ask you to state up front what beans you are bagging and in what proportion… unless, of course, they are random leftovers that vary from bag to bag.

“Well reviewed”? Zero reviews are linked to the listing.

“Not likely to be Robusta”? Well, it’s darn odd that they don’t even claim that the Brazilian beans are Arabica, doncha think?

Just because you chose not to search for reviews doesn’t mean many favorable reviews are not out there to be seen. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Wow, why the hostility? Just google “Mad Priest” reviews; 5/5 on Yelp (35 reviews); 4.8/5 & 5/5 on google (2 locations, hundreds of reviews)

More important, maybe they don’t state arabica because no 3rd wave roaster uses robusta beans for high end coffee? It’s simply the wrong question.


There was another Woot coffee offering just this week that had robusta. Can I quote you in a comment on that listing?

[Update] here it is:

I did exactly that on duckduckgo:“Mad+Priest”+reviews&ia=about

No reviews in the top few dozen pages, just their own Facebook page and a Lonely Planet article.

So, if one then drills down to the Yelp and Google reviews, those are of the (Tennessee) store locations, not the coffee itself.

So, one wonders why so much interference is run for vendors in Woot comments. This is just one example.

Because we’re all in on the vast coffee conspiracy and want to fool you all while we drink the free 137 pounds of coffee beans every month to run interference for them.


Lavazza is hardly a local third wave roaster and this does nothing to refute the comment he made. And, as already confirmed, these beans are all Arabica as others of us expected. :man_shrugging:t2:

  1. Lavazza beans are espresso, specifically espresso from an Italian producer. That’s where you’ll find robusta— there and in instant coffee. Plus large commercial coffee producers, because robusta beans are cheaper.

Sure, some US roasters incorporate robusta carefully into their lineup, and when they do, they’ll generally let you know, because it’s the exception

  1. Yes, Mad Priest is a Chatanooga based roaster. Like any location-specific small roaster, most products—brewed or beans—are sold at their local shops. So that’s where you’ll find the reviews, on yelp and google. The reviews are for both shop & the coffee brewed there from their beans

Some local roasters branch out into mail-order distribution. Even major third wave roasters like Stumptown or Intelligentsia, which now can be found nationally (because they’ve been bought out by bigger guys), started out as local shops in Portland & Chicago, respectively.

So Mad Priest is going for a broader market in part via—wait for it—-Woot! sales. Nice strategy, but you still need to look for reviews via Yelp & Google till they establish a wider consumer base

(Also, re your Lavazza reply: third wave, not third world. Third wave of coffee - Wikipedia)

Maybe just try Mad Priest next time & see if you like it? These small roasters are all trying to stay afloat in tough times, and definitely aren’t trying to deceive us Wooters in their descriptions. In the end, no need for heated arguments—just buy and drink what you personally like!


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lol- yes, third wave. Updated the typo.