Magellan eXplorist 300 Handheld GPS Navigator



Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Magellan eXplorist 300 Handheld GPS Navigator
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Magellan eXplorist 300 Handheld GPS Navigator


Froogle link

Price: $126.34 - $271.95


Yeah but does the GPS unit do my laundry eh?



Ok Wooters, I skipped out of work early today to play some golf in the Dallas area. I joined a group of three guys. No it was not Tiger, Jack and Arnie, but as a Wooter it was almost as good. To protect the guys, I do not want to use real names, so let’s just say CEO Woot (Got the Business Card), Employee Woot and Client Woot. To my surprise they were normal guys that you could sit down, shoot the bull and drink a few beers. They were also very appreciative of us Wooters. So next time you think a Woot is lame, remember the fun or lack of sleep you had during a “Woot-Off”. By the way, they were good luck for my golf game, but I did not even get a “Bag of Crap”.


An explorist… and a noveler

no thanks


Do you have to set the “home” coordinates on this yourself?


I wish I could connect it to my laptop. That would be a good woot.


Ohh… I need one of these. I have one of the low end Magellens I bought for over 100 last year. Good deal on this.


I don’t need no robot telling me I’m lost…

#11 Link

SHopzilla has close prices, but not as low. STill a great back up. If i weren’t poor this month, I’d buy one. THis thing is sooo cute.


$129 @ amazon
Cheapest I found was $115 Buy it now on ebay


Grayscale? MEH

Good price though.


Could you please make these a little less expensive, woot’s already got me in trouble with the wife… About Half of this and I believe I can convince her it is necessary to own it!


SUcks… why? you can’t say sucks and not give reasons. Help a wooter out sir.


Woot got one for my brother-in-law’s bday. He is a delivery truck driver and loves to go hiking and camping :slight_smile:


I love GPS units. I do not own an eXplorist, however. On my Garmins, I prefer the little buttons to be on the side of the machine; the GPS units with them on the front sure seem to get pushed inadvertently compared with the buttons on the sides. But this isn’t Garmin, so who knows?


So, a question from a GPS newb:

Does one need to pay a monthly fee for this thing to work? If so, how much?


i was third post and it somehow got deleted…wtf!

I think its funny noone has bought one yet…not surprising…but still funny

Nightly Haiku:

Will this woot be great?
For the mountain explorer,
one could not ask more!


i still have not open the lowrance unit they sold a couple of month ago.