Magellan eXplorist 300 Handheld GPS Navigator



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No MP3 on this one? ;(




I got this during the last Woot-off. Been very happy with it! The only down side is that there’s no computer connection to load waypoints with, but it can still be done manually with the controls.

My first GPS unit, and while it doesn’t do everything, it makes a good beginner’s model.


Wow… the GPS at 2 AM was a lot nicer than this one. Same price too…
Hope this won’t take 2+ hours too…
dun dun dun!!


Does this one offer driving directions? (Included in the purchase, not bundled with a service subscription)


is this better than doug doug /tom tom?


Do more GPS’s mean you’ll get there better?


good if you’re into geocacheing


Not anymore.


Nice woot. I got the garmin unit. GPS is cool. This is a good price and it has more memory then my Garmin unit, but I use SD 1MB and it hold most the US. Who goes to Alaska and South Dakota anyway. You might want to wait for the Garmin PDA, it is AWESOME!!! But this is a good price for GPS. Black and white, so 50’s!

#13 106.99


I got my 3. These are perfect for geocache challenges. If you have not done it, Google the word “Geocache” and let the fun begin!!
You will wonder why you spend all your time in front of the nerd tube if you do.

Come the frick on Woot, $100 is a bit salty for people looking to score some cheap stuff in a woot off.

Lucky for you I have a trust fund.


I got this last time around and it works great if you have a boat and want to know your speed and way back to the landing.


i was just searching ebay and found the 200 one for buy now $315…Now woot’s price is cheap!


Best woot EVER!!! now i can finally send it to my imigrant friends, so they dont get lost coming across the border. =)


I bought this one when it was offered a couple months ago. I got it to replace my eXplorist 200, which doesn’t have the air pressure altimeter/thermometer feature. It works well, I’m happy with the purchase, and I’d recommend it to anyone in the market for a low-end GPS.


Magellan is a rip off; the only way to get any decent maps is to pay for the software to download the topographical maps.


I just returned this to Amazon because it doesn’t work worth a crap. I paid about $130, but I wouldn’t pay even 50 bucks after using it. Awful interface, weak antenna, totally useless (other than the compass).