Magic Mesh Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Doors

Magic Mesh Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Doors

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I see there are different colors in the pictures, how to select color?

The Magic Mesh Americana (only Deluxe size) is red, white, and blue.

Or the boxes are color coded to their size.

I just want to say that, while these are a little hokie, they really do work. I use one for the door between my garage and main house when I’m working outside during the late-fall through early-spring (the only cool temperatures in Arkansas) and moved it to the patio door for cookouts. I’ve used the same one for three years so I’ll support their strength and longevity. Since I don’t want the unsightly velcro strips on my door frame, I use the thumb tacks on the edge of the door moulding.

Again, these aren’t the prettiest, but quite functional and I’d recommend if you have the need.

you dont want this one.
make the picture bigger and you will see that this one has the individual magnets.
you want the better on that has a full magnet strip, look to amazon.
this one bunches up and is does not stay fully closed as the full strip one does
I’ve had them both

I bought one from Amazon years ago (like 2008 or something). If not the same brand, very similar.

If you have a screen, you really don’t need this. For the rare occasions where it might be cool to walk out WITHOUT opening a screen it’s just not worth the expence.

That said, they work BRILLIANTLY if you have a screen AND a (mostly) out door pet who’s still training. Or a pet you want to grant the ability to walk in/out on their own without having to open the screen for them.

Or if you DONT have a screen (maybe pet destroyed the original and was never replaced or it just broke over the years).

This is a pretty wide area of usefulness and a very mild cost. IIRC, ours lasted about 5 years before it started to tear and we had to retire it. That was leaving it outdoors 24/7.

Totally agree with this review.

Steer clear of the single magnets and go for a strip if you want the screen to constantly close correctly

Unfortunately, ease of entry and exit also applies to any curious wildlife that might want to join you for dinner. It’s not a bad product for a doorway that doesn’t have outdoor access. But, in most of those cases, a screen enclosure isn’t needed.

Agree about the strip magnet model being much better. Also tried both. Both ended up in the garbage for me eventually.

We so need this in the Pacific Northwest right now!!