Major League Baseball Track Jackets

Where are the world champions???

Cool! 3 out of 5 years and no GIANTS gear? What the hell is the problem here.

Woot out!!!

Bought much Woot stuff, but no Giants gear again!!!

Bye Bye Woot!!!

HA! Love the shout out to Phillies fans Woot!!

Says the SF Giants are available under other teams available… WHERE?

The logos are all superimposed on the jacket images (also the jerseys). Any chance we can get a close-up of the logo detail? You know… So we know what we are getting.

I bought one and for whatever reason woot decided to ship it Next Day Air Saver (thanks!).

So here’s a closeup of the Twins logo.

Large size:

Looks about as advertised… seems attached well. Although I wouldn’t plan on putting it through the wash…

Maybe worth the $35 but certainly not worth the listed price of $70.